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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Finds of the Week March 8-15

March has been AMAZING so far. We haven't sold many big money items, but a lot of $20-$40 items. This is our first full year selling on eBay and we are learning about the peaks and valleys of the calendar year. January and February were valleys for us; after the holiday rush. March seems to be a peak with people receiving their tax refund and having money to spend. 
We are a business run by people with disabilities. We started with a thrift re-selling business as the first step, but will be greatly expanding in the future.  This week we focused on listing items for a disabled friend, who recently lost her job. Watch the video on YouTube: Disabled Lives Matter. 

On to the funds of the week: 

    HARLEY-DAVIDSON men's button down shirt. Unless a store wants a crazy amount for a HARLEY-DAVIDSON item, we ALWAYS buy it. 
                         Cost: $4.50 
                         Sold: $32.00

    Burberry ballet! Sold for my disabled friend. 
                         Cost: $0.00 
                         Sold: $110.00

    Hugo Boss XXL polo shirt. Another brand on my BOLO list that I can fist bump (I fist bump the brands I've found and sold). 
                        Cost: $2.80
                        Sold: $24.99 

    Tommy Bahama lot of 3XT shirt. Another brand that we are always on the lookout for. We never find it in North Florida but always do in South Florida. 
                         Cost: $6.40
                         Sold: $50.00 

    HARLEY-DAVIDSON vintage shirt from Elgin, Illinois. We held onto this shirt for months trying to find information on it. Eventually, we just gave in and sold it. We could never find another one like it or find the contact information for the HARLEY-DAVIDSON in Elgin. We tried. 

                         Cost: $3.00
                         Sold: $27.00 

    Men's 7 For All Mankind "A Pocket" jeans. This is a brand that nobody ever told us about. We bought Meinard's book and search the blogs/websites for advice on brands to buy. NOBODY ever mentioned 7 For All Mankind, but while looking at Nordstrom's website; we saw the jeans sell for $100-$200 new. If someone will pay $200 for a new pair of jeans, they will pay $25-$75 for used jeans. We find 7 For All Mankind jeans all the time! They are an easy money maker. If you find larger women's sizes (30 and above) or any men's jeans: buy them! They will make you money. 

                         Cost: $5.99
                         Sold: $61.00

    Yves Saint Laurent Men's long sleeve shirt. This shirt fist bumped another great brand on our list. First time buying it, so we will see how it sells. 
                          Cost: $4.50 
                          Asking: $24.99

Next week we travel from Florida to the DC- Baltimore area for some thrift shopping and sight seeing. Stay tuned to see what we find!