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Friday, May 29, 2015

May is Strange

May has been a very strange month. We go days without selling anything and then sell 5-6 items in one day. It's very strange. We didn't sell much this week again. It's getting very frustrating. We're working hard and smart, but the buyers are nowhere to be found. I have a good feeling about this weekend though. My $6500 dentist bill hopes I'm right! 
How was your week? 

Here are some of our sales and finds for the week: 

     True Religion pink Swarovski jeans

               Purchase price: $3.99
                      Sold: $26.00

     NYDJ cropped jeans size 18W

               Purchase Price: $2.50
                     Sold: $21.00

We could've gotten more for these jeans but we decided to not charge more just because they are big. It sucks that bigger size people have to pay more so we settled for less. Made a stand ✊✊

     Ermenegildo Zegna suit jacket/blazer

               Purchase Price: $4.50 
               Asking Price: $99.99 or more? 

     Gieves & Hawkes suit jackets/Blazers

               Purchase Price: $6.00 
               Asking Price: $150.00 

      North Face men's A5 plaid shirt

               Purchase Price: $2.15 
               Asking Price: $24.99 

         Christian Dior suit jacket/blazer 

               Purchase Price: $3.00
               Asking Price: $29.99 

        Jamie Sadock women's shirt 

               Purchase Price: Free
                    (Loyalty card)
               Asking Price: $34.99 

     St. John Sport by Marie Gray sweater

               Purchase Price: $4.49 
                      Asking Price: $49.99

Is there a way to iron clothes that are dry clean only? The wrinkles are horrible but I don't want to pay for a clean sweater to be dry cleaned. 

        Pendleton wool women's blazer 

               Purchase Price: $3.00
               Asking Price: $24.99 

     Orvis quilted puffer women's jacket

               Purchase Price: $3.00
               Asking Price: $29.99 

       Hickey-Freeman men's sweater 

               Purchase price: $2.15 
               Asking price: $24.99 

         Lot of Men's Hawaiian shirts

              Purchase Price: $15.24
                   Sold: $49.99 

            Salvatore Ferragamo heels 
               Purchase Price: $4.99 
                    Sold: $19.99 

We aren't going to make much money on the heels but we got to cross a brand off our BOLO list so it was worth it 👊

     Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
         First American Edition 1998 

               Purchase Price: Free 
                    Sold: $49.99 

We found this on the free book shelf in the clubhouse in our neighborhood. We are ALWAYS on the lookout for items to sell. Can't believe a first edition Harry Potter book was just sitting on the book shelf for anyone to take. 

         Brioni suit jacket or blazer 

               Purchase Price: Free 
                   (Loyalty Card) 
               Asking Price: $200 or more? 

     We are tired after all that thrift shopping and listing. The 100 degree heat is upon us in Florida.  It's exhausting!  Have a great weekend! 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Birthday Week Finds & Lack of Sales

This continued a recent trend....amazing finds but few sales. Starting to wonder: if every seller is struggling, what can ebay do to help us? Or should we be looking to sell elsewhere? We sold 5-6 things this week but nothing great. 
Last Saturday was 50% off everything in SWFL Goodwills. We found some AMAZING deals.  So here are some of our finds: 

     New York Rangers hockey jersey

               Purchase Price: $1.99 
                       Sold: $25.00

     Lucky Brand men's jeans: NWT 

               Purchase Price: $4.99 
                       Sold: $74.99

     Vintage Nautica men's zipped shirt 

               Purchase Price: $4.29
                    Sold: $17.99 

     BKE women's distressed jeans 

               Purchase Price: $2.99 
                      Sold: $24.99

     Big Star Bootcut women's jeans 

               Purchase Price: $2.99 
                      Sold: $21.99

     Naked & Famous men's slim jeans 

               Purchase Price: $2.50 
                    Sold: $39.99 

That's just the beginning of our finds. We will share more as we take more pictures. Did you find anything good this week? 

Friday, May 22, 2015

35 Things about me for my 35th Birthday

I turn 35 tomorrow (May 23rd) so figured I'd share 35 things for my 35th birthday.  

1. This is my first birthday without my best friend Disney.  She died in August at 13 years old.
2. I became disabled at age 26.
3. I'm the only person in the world who has had 3 transplants in one knee!  I've had 10 knee surgeries total.
4. I graduated with a degree in Psychology from Florida GulfCoast University.
5. I've been obsessed with basketball my entire life.  I coached high school and AAU boys basketball until 2 years ago.  
6. I've coached NBA players and over 50 college basketball players.  
7. I've traveled the country coaching basketball including Las Vegas, Washington DC, Louisville and Indianapolis.  
8. I've had a girlfriend for 5 years.  I love Cletus :)
9. I grew up in Naples, Florida....5 mins from the beach.  Its paradise!
10. I was born in Columbus, Ohio.  Go Buckeyes!
11. It ruins my week if Ohio St football loses.  I'm a little over the edge!
12. We just rescued 2 dogs who were going to be killed the next day.  Buckeye and Gator have healed my heart.
13. They say dogs are man's best friend but Disney legitimately was my best friend.
14. Disney and I moved to Gainesville the day before Obama was elected.  I moved to coach high school basketball.  I knew maybe 5 people so Disney was all I had.
15. Disney took on my medical conditions and ultimately saved my life.  Its a crazy story for another time!
16. I missed my calling as a DJ! I make mixed CDs for everybody.
17. My nickname in high school was 2Pac
18. I was diagnosed with A.D.D as a senior in college. No clue how I made it that far without the meds!  Wish I could do school over and see how well I could do with the meds.
19. I ran the largest after school program in SWFL before becoming disabled.  300 kids a day!
20. My eventual goal is to start a program that helps people discover their passion in life.  I'm selling on ebay to pay off my debt and save the money.
21. My parents are the greatest in the world! No joke!
22. I love to travel!  Once my knees get stronger....I'm going to Europe.
23. I'm Native American, white and black.
24. I LOVE roller coasters!
25. Writing poetry calms my anger problems that come with A.D.D.
26. I started my own non-profit organization at 19 years old.
27. Selling on ebay is PERFECT for anyone living on Social Security.  I'll let you figure out all the reasons why!
28. I've only been serious about selling on ebay for 10 months.  Learn something new everyday.
29. I see the top Orthopedic surgeon in the world in Birmingham, Alabama.
30. SWFL has the best thrift stores we've found in the country.  The wealthy donate so much and the prices are cheap!
31. We've been to thrift stores in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, DC and Iowa.
32.  My BOLO list has over 250 brands!  I mark it when I find a brand on the list.  Goal is to find each brand.  It keeps things challenging and interesting.  If you are interested in my life and accepting the challenge also...comment here.  I'll share!
33. Check out Disabled Lives Matter on youtube and Facebook please! We are starting a movement.
34. I've had 18 surgeries and I'm still walking. Still talking.  Still independent.  I'm disabled for a reason.  I intend to change the world!  Through all my adversity....I feel blessed.
35. If you read this far.....Thank you!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Roller Coaster Week

This was very strange! It started with strong sale and pathetic finds; yet ended with pathetic sales and amazing finds. You just NEVER know! We are home in SW for a few days and luckily Saturday was 50% off everything at all Goodwills. We've traveled the country shopping at Goodwills and SW Florida has the best prices and selection we've seen. Next post we will share all our amazing finds in SWFL. Here were some sales for this week: 

          Dries Van Noten wool jacket

               Purchase Price: $7.99
                      Sold: $139.99 

     HARLEY-DAVIDSON men's shirt 

               Purchase Price: $4.49 
                      Sold: $49.99 

     Fisher Price sealed Microexplorer set from 1986. Very rare. We sold the set for an elderly friend and split the profit. 

               Purchase Price: $0.00 
                       Sold: $35.00 

Hope  you had a better selling week than we did! 


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Exciting Week May 3-10

I work part time as the companion for a 19 year old girl with severe Down's Syndrome. The last two months I've worked almost every single day with her and honestly was getting worn out. 

     My girl Daniella cuddled up in bed with me a few weeks ago. So cute. 

So I was VERY excited to have last week off. I got to spend hours thrift shopping and it was absolutely fabulous. I've already shown some of my great finds but here are some more finds and sales of the last week. How was your week? 

     HARLEY-DAVIDSON men's polyester button down XL shirt. 

               Purchase Price: $4.49 
                      Sold: $49.99

     Crown Vintage woman's suede boots

               Purchase Price: Free 
                 (for being disabled) 
                    Sold: $34.99 

     Michaels Kors black women's jeans 

               Purchase Price: Free 
                      (See above) 
                     Sold: $34.99 

        Joe's Jeans women's size 32 

               Purchase Price: $4.50 
                     Sold: $30.00

     1980's Ralph Lauren T-Shirt NWOT 

               Purchase Price: $2.49 
                     Sold: $22.00 

     Marni artist smock dress NWOT 

               Purchase Price: $3.37 
               Asking Price: $125.00 

       Marni button down floral shirt. 

                Purchase Price: $3.37 
                Asking Price: $74.99 

     Marni cashmere sweater...maybe I should buy a smaller mannequin. Ha! 

               Purchase Price: $3.37 
               Asking Price: $90.00 

    Dries Van Noten silk cardigan or shawl

               Purchase Price: $3.37 
               Asking Price: $149.99 

     Not everything is for sale. Bought these vintage Fisher Price toys at an estate sale for myself and the below hats for my Dad. 

Hope you have any amazing week. Peace to the Middle East ✌️✌️

Monday, May 4, 2015

Finds of the Week April 27-May 1st Part 2

I already wrote about several of last week's finds but had many more to share. Last week was an amazing week of finds, just wish the selling would catch up! I found out today at the dentist I need 20 fillings, 1 root canal, 1 surgery and 4 crowns for the sum of $6500! My health conditions started destroying my teeth about 15 years ago and I've already spent around $70,000 on them! It's a battle I cannot win, but I refuse to have my teeth looking and feeling raggedy. So cross your fingers for me to sell some things. I REALLY need the luck! 
Here are more of my finds from last week...I might go back to Goodwill this week. Didn't get to even look in the women's tops yet :) 

     Dries Van Noten tuxedo looking jacket. I have ABSOLUTELY no clue about this jacket, other than DVN's jacket are VERY VERY expensive. The brand was on my BOLO list so I picked it up. I cannot find any information on this jacket. If anybody knows about this jacket or the two under it, please let me know. 

               Purchase Price: $7.99 
                Asking Price: $124.99

              Dries Van Noten jacket

               Purchase Price: $7.99
                      Sold: $139.99 

       Marni 1/2 zip jacket/sweater. I never had heard of this brand but the second I saw and felt the fabric; I knew it was high quality. Think that means I'm getting better at this :) I looked it up and the prices were 👆👆👆. I can't find another one like it though, so I don't know what to do. If you know anything about Marni please share. 

               Purchase Price: $7.99 
                Asking Price: $74.99

     Betsey Johnson floral dress. I read about Betsey Johnson somewhere and added her to my fist bump list 👊 (Bolo list). I was excited to find the dress for so cheap, but just like the jackets above, I can't find a dress like this one. Any ideas? Help? 

               Purchase Price: $1.00 
                Asking Price: $32.00

     Hardrock Cafe Juniors Sweatpants. NWT. Embroidered lettering. 

               Purchase Price: $4.99 
               Asking Price: $19.99

     Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Big Logo women's jeans. These ALWAYS sell for me. 

               Purchase Price: $1.50 
               Asking Price: $21.00 

     Betsey Johnson shirt or dress? I'm also clueless on this Betsey Johnson item. Please help! 

               Purchase Price: $1.00 
               Asking Price: $$$??? 

     Grey's Anatomy XS women's scrubs. I probably could've gotten more for these as they sold in hours, but I'm happy they sold. 

               Purchase Price: $1.00 
                    Sold: $10.00 

     Citizens of Humanity Kelly Jeans. NWOT. 

               Purchase Price: $4.50 
                    Sold: $28.00 

     Dr. Martens women's ankle boots. 

               Purchase Price: $7.99 
               Asking Price: $34.99 

     Coach Jeanna Leather Heels. The heels are a little beat up but I figured they were worth the gamble. I've never found a Coach item at a thrift store before so another 👊 for me! 

               Purchase Price: $4.99 
               Asking Price: $19.99 

All this brings the question: do I go out and find more stuff? I'm on a roll but running out of room and money. When do you decide you have enough items? I'll probably shop a day or two this week but will be more picky. What would you do?