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Saturday, October 31, 2015

A-Z Brands: N Part II

Happy Halloween! Last night we took Daniella to a Halloween party at GiGi's Playhouse; an amazing place for people with Down's Syndrome. She had a great time! 

Hopefully I can get her to wear her real Halloween costume tonight! 

A-Z Brands: N 

Nick & Nora Sleepwear 

Nick & Nora, a Manhattan based sleepwear company, was founded by Linda Rae Tepper and Steven Abrams in the mid 1980's. Nick & Nora became a household name as Ally McBeal wore them in the Dancing Babies episode of her popular show. The company was featured in Victoria Secret's 1997 catalog and now places their sleepwear in various shows and movies. 

Nick & Nora design all their own textiles in order to produce a better, more fashionable line. All the pajamas are designed to appeal to people who yearn for nostalgia. Nick & Nora products are made in the U.S.A. and distributed through boutiques and high end department stores. 

On eBay Nick & Nora is about as prominent as Nat Nast and Mitchell & Ness. There are 2095 pre-owned items currently listed and 2119 have been sold recently. To find Nick & Nora pajamas look for vibrant colors with vintage designs. You won't get rich selling Nicj & Nora pajamas but you can usually find them cheap and they are one of those $10-$20 profit items that fill up our ebay stores. Here are some recent sales: 

      Apparently they sell bedding also.

Nick & Nora pajamas are the only sleepwear I look for. I'm sure I'm missing out on something good. Any suggestions? I've only found two Nick & Nora items. Honestly, I don't look in the pajamas as much as I should. Here is what I've found: 

          Women's 2x Pajama Pants 

I found these in the bins at the Goodwill Outlet. 

                       Cost: $1.14 
                      Sold: $19.99 

     Women's Boxer Shorts: Never Worn

I also found these at a Goodwill in Ocala, but at their regular retail store. 

                       Cost: $3.50 
                     Listed: $11.00 

Nick & Nora pajamas probably won't make you a huge profit. Yet; they will sell and will make you some money. Don't hesitate to buy Nick & Nora pajamas unless the price is crazy. 

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Naked & Famous Jeans 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Valuable Resource

If you ever find yourself lost and not knowing what sells on eBay or you just want to stay current on what is selling check out: 

The site has updated information on clothing, collectibles, art, furniture and just about anything that sells on eBay. You can see what has sold for the most recently, what items have the most watchers and the current highest bids. Figured I would share after laying here looking at their site for the last hour. 

A few recently sold items: 

        Jamie Sadock women's Shirt 

One of my Naples find. It sold in 5 minutes, a record for me. I will be talking about Jamie Sadock on my A-Z Brands list soon. 

                       Cost: $4.29 
                      Sold: $29.00 

           Clarks Bendables Sandals 

I really need to start hitting up more Estate sales! I should've priced these higher. They sold in one day. Clarks always sell quickly for me. 

                      Cost: $1.00 
                     Sold: $13.99 

    Fievel 1986 Plush Doll: consignment 

                         Cost: $0.00
                        Sold: $11.00 

    Elvis Record Collection: consignment 

                       Cost: $0.00
                      Sold: $44.99 

        Specialized Cycling Jersey XL 

I will do a post on cycling jerseys after my A-Z brands list. A quick synopsis: buy and sell cycling jerseys ASAP! This was also a Naples find. 

                       Cost: $6.00
                      Sold: $39.00 

       Marithe Francois Girbaud Jeans

I love when I sell or find items that I recently highlighted on my A-Z Brand list. Makes me feel good about selecting that brand. 

                       Cost: $6.00 
                      Sold: $27.99 

Hope your month of October finishes with a bang! 

A-Z Brands: N

Are you ready for Halloween? I'm as ready as I'll ever be! Daniella's Mom decided I should be Cookie Monster and bought me the costume. Yikes! I'd rather be a character from The Walking Dead, a WWE wrestler or even an 80's cartoon character but oh well. Pictures will definitely be posted next week. Here is my brother and his 7 month old daughter dressed up for her first Halloween: 

         She is soooo cute! ❤️❤️❤️

A-Z Brands: N 

Nat Nast 

Nat Nast started his company after Workd War II to clothe bowlers in Kansas City, Missouri. Nat Nast shirts were named "The King of Bowling Shirts," for creating the action back shirt, which allowed for greater comfort and arm movement. In the early stages of the company, bowling a perfect 300 in a Nat Nast shirt earned someone a $1000 savings bond. 

Nast's daughter relaunched the company in 2000, after her father's death. Nast believes every man has a story to tell and approaches each design with the idea that a man's clothes should reflect his confidence, his instincts and his style. The centerpiece of the collection is its limited edition embroidered shirts; each shirt telling an authentic story that pays tribute to legendary people and places in American history. 

Nat Nast shirts are not sold in abundance on eBay. Currently there are 2103 pre-owned shirts listed and 2663 have sold recently. Nat Nast shirts can be found in the men's button down shirt section in your thrift store. Look for Nat Nast bowling, Hawaiian and dress shirts. The above mentioned limited edition shirts highlighting people and places in American history sell for big money. Here are some recent sales: 

I've only found one Nat Nast shirt to this point. It was a faded linen striped shirt. My find wasn't exactly what you are searching for, but I bought it and sold it anyway. In the future I won't hesitate to buy another Nat Nast shirt, as even my shirt had a lot of views and watchers. Here is the shirt I sold: 

                      Cost: $3.99 
                     Sold: $14.99 

You won't find Nat Nast very often, but when you do....go for it! 

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Nick & Nora Sleepwear 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A-Z Brands: M Part III

I've realized something very valuable this week: trying to compare yourself to anyone else only causes problems. I realized this is only aspects of life but not selling on eBay until now. I read so many ebay seller's blogs and always admire their work ethic and success. A few months ago I thought to myself: "If I could only put in the work they do, I can be just as successful." In October my thoughts proved to be true. What I forgot to realize is the other sellers don't have multiple debilitating conditions and they probably haven't suffered through 18 surgeries. Yes, if I can work as hard as other sellers I can be successful like them. Unlike them though....I will pay a very STEEP cost for the hard work. I've spent the week in so much pain. My entire body hurts. I'm happy I pushed myself, but it cost me. 

Moral of the story is: even in the world of selling on eBay, don't compare yourself to anyone else. You determine your own definition of success. 

A-Z Brands: M 

Mitchell & Ness

Mitchell & Ness is an American sports clothing company in Philadelphia. Founded in 1904, it's one of the oldest sporting goods companies in the United States. Mitchell & Ness supplied the jerseys and equipment for the Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies and Athletics starting in the 1930's. 

In 1983 the company almost went bankrupt after over expanding and reduced back down to one store. In 1985, a customer asked if Mitchell & Ness could repair his vintage wool flannel MLB uniforms. Mitchell & Ness determined they could make the repairs and developed an idea to reproduce historically accurate wool-flannel baseball uniforms. Major League Baseball teams stopped wearing wool flannel jerseys in 1972, but Mitchell & Ness performed countless hours of research to produce historically precise jerseys. Mitchell & Ness was fortunate to find in an old dusty warehouse, rolls of old baseball flannel to make uniforms from 50 years earlier. They were still carefully wrapped, untouched and in new condition; ready to be cut and sewn. Mitchell & Ness sewed the flannel, applied lettering and patches; then sold out the first set of jerseys over night. Sports Illustrated and The New York Times wrote articles about the company and the process of making their vintage jersey. 

In 1999, Mitchell & Ness expanded to NBA jerseys. In 2000 to NFL jerseys and in 2002 to NHL jerseys. Today, they have license agreements with all 4 major professional sports leagues. 

In 1998, Mitchell & Ness' reported sales were $1.5 million; by 2002 they were $23 million. Adidas purchased Mitchell & Ness in 2007. 

Mitchell & Ness items are popular on eBay; yet there isn't a major saturation of product. Currently, 2868 pre-owned items are listed and 4629 have recently sold. I can imagine 1980's Mitchell & Ness items would bring in a pretty penny! Otherwise, look for iconic players such as Michael Jordan, Dr. J, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and Larry Bird. 

In my Goodwill jerseys are $4.29, at this price buy ANY Mitchell & Ness jersey you find. Hats sell for less (for the most part), but if they are in good condition and can be purchased for cheap...then buy them too! It's hard to not make money on a Mitchell & Ness item! 

Here are some that have sold recently: 

         This one shocked me! 

I have bought and sold 2 Mitchell & Ness items; both from my Goodwill in Gainesville. One was a Denver Nuggets hat in pretty bad shape, which I sold for $5.00. The other was this jersey: 

That's not my picture, but it's the same jersey and it sold for the same price. I paid $4.29 for it. 

You won't find very many Mitchell & Ness items; unless maybe you live in the Philadelphia area. Look for thick, high quality, vintage style jerseys when looking for Mitchell & Ness jerseys. By all means...if you find one: buy it! 

*  If you find any brand on the list please share your story! I'd love to hear what you've found. * 

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Doing 4 N Brands also

Nat Nast 
Nick & Nora Sleepwear 
Naked & Famous jeans 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A-Z Brands: M Part II

Shout out to Daniella's parents for giving me an unexpected day off! I got to list 24 items, clean the shoes I'm listing tomorrow and clean the house. One item I listed today sold in 5 minutes so that felt good.  I only have 20-25 items left to list. Hallelujah! 

A-Z Brands: M Part II 


Marni is a brand I stumbled upon innocently. I was in my Goodwill; it was my en fuego day in May, where I spent $150 and made over $2000. I saw this sweater on the rack: 

I had never heard of Marni but the fabric felt different. It felt expensive! I paid $8.00 for the sweater and sold it for $49.99. 

Marni is an Italian luxury fashion label founded by Consielo Castiglioni in 1994. Castiglioni started by designing furs for her husband's family fur business. Her fashion line, named after her sister Marni, grew as her customers needed something to wear under or with their fur. 

Today, the company produces ready to wear clothing, handbags, jewelry and eyewear. Marni's designs have been described as quirky, feminine, off beat and funky. Marni launched its first menswear line in 2007, introducing leggings as bottoms for men (which I find totally strange!). 

Marni is sold in 16 countries, but is still a family business. Consielo Castiglioni is the designer, her husband is the CEO and her daughter runs the online store. In 2007, annual sales were approximately $100 million. As of 2007, Castiglioni was uninterested in selling the company to potential investors or buyers; she wants it to remain a family business. 

Marni is one of the more rare brands on the A-Z list on eBay. Only 2835 pre-owned items are currently listed and 1602 have sold recently. You should look for ANY Marni item. Jackets, shoes and dresses sell the best, but everything will make you money. Marni is the perfect combination of high quality, rarity and retail price. The only Marni items that sell for a low price are ones sold by people who have no clue how to price their items. You are not that person! Here are some recent Marni sales: 

I have found 4 Marni items: all in the same day, in the same place. Someone did not pick up their dry cleaning and the dry cleaners donated 4 Marni items and 4 Dries Van Noten items (plus 8 Harley Davidson shirts). Crazy part is they all were the "color of the week," meaning they had been there for 3 weeks and were 25% off.  I've never seen any other Marni items but you can believe I look for it! Here are the 3 items I've sold plus 1 that is still listed: 

          The sweater mentioned 👆

                      Cost: $3.37 
                     Sold: $59.99 

                      Cost: $3.37 
                     Sold: $39.00 

              Marni Smock Dress 

                     Cost: $3.37 
                   Listed: $39.99

Marni is not a brand you will find every time or even every month. If you are lucky enough to find it! Not only that, if you find one item, search that store for more. It will be worth it! 

Next A-Z Brands: M Part III 

Mitchell & Ness 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Sorry for the delay in my next A-Z brand list post. With all my health issues sometimes my mind wants to accomplish more than my body is capable of accomplishing. Friday night we drove 5 hours down to Naples; traffic was awful. Saturday I went thrift shopping for 8 hours. Sunday we drove back to Gainesville. Monday morning I had to be at my Financial Freedom class then work with Daniella. So far I've completed my inventory, pricing and washing of my Naples thrift buys. Tomorrow and Thursday I need to measure, photograph and list all 50 items. BUT my body hurts! My Fibromyalgia and Trigeminal Neuralgia  are acting up; along with the knee pains. Hopefully, I'll get my next post done tomorrow. 

Ebay has been a mixed bag the last couple days. I've now sold more items in October than any month ever. Very proud! Still one buyer upset me badly today. I sold this Givenchy jacket last week: 

The buyer is claiming the jacket is fake. Now, I'm not very good at recognizing fakes. Still, I just wrote a long post on Givenchy and did extensive research. If the jacket is a's an amazing fake! The jacket isn't in the greatest condition and the buyer is new to ebay, so maybe he is having buyers remorse. He shouldn't claim it is fake though. I described the condition issues with the jacket and sold it cheap just for that reason. Has anyone ever claimed you sold something fake? This is a first for me! 

Here are a couple things I sold in the last couple days: 

          Diesel Men's Louvley Jeans 
                      Cost: $4.75 
                     Sold: $36.00

        Diesel Men's Mod Luster Jeans 

                     Cost: $3.75 
                    Sold: $16.99 

           NYDJ Coral Skinny Jeans 

                      Cost: $2.49 
                     Sold: $19.00 

I've got a lot of listing to do....hope my body holds up. I don't know about you but I'm ready for Thanksgiving break and looking forward to the calm of January already!