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Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Prez!

We had the opportunity to see the President on Thursday and it was an amazing experience. No matter your political affiliation, seeing a President in person is a memorable moment. 

Sorry I haven't written lately. I love to write posts, but without the app it's extremely difficult. I'm going to check out creating my own site soon. In the 20 or so days since I last posted, I've sold 54 items. Not too bad. I got Buckeye's heart worm treatment paid for and now I'm working on saving for Christmas gifts. Here are some items I sold the last couple weeks: 

Psycho Bunny is a new brand I crossed off my list. This shirt sold very quickly and for a nice profit. 

Jackets and jeans are starting to sell pretty well. How are your sales going? I miss hearing from all of you!