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Sunday, June 26, 2016


I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written. First, I started with a nerve problem in my leg and started therapy. Then, I fell at dog school. Now I'm dealing with a sick dog. I took Buckeye to the dog park and she loved it. Unfortunately, there was a dangerous bacteria in the water and she got a bad infection that spread quickly. She had a seizure in the middle of the night on Thursday and I ended up in the emergency room all night. The infection attacked her skin and liver. It was pretty scary! Now they are saying she is heart worm positive, but not sure if it's just a false positive from the infection. Thankfully, she is starting to feel better. 

I was going to write about the motivation for selling during summer, but all my money is going to vet so those are all out the window. Sales have been slow anyway. What are your goals for the summer? 

Here are a few items I have sold over the last few weeks: 

    Fubu Fat Albert Vintage Men's Jeans 

          Cost: $5.00          Sold: $19.00 

       Navy Satin Vintage Men's Jacket 

          Cost: $1.00          Sold: $34.99 

    Boston Redsox Men's Tank Top NWT 

          Cost: $4.29          Sold: $17.99 

    Marithe Francois Girbaud Men's Jeans

          Cost: $5.99          Sold: $34.99 

I find MFG jeans all the time. You could too! If you find them, I suggest buying them. 

       Ralph Lauren Purple Label Shirt 

          Cost: $2.15          Sold: $19.99 

This shirt would've sold for $35-$40 if it didn't have stains all over it. The shirt was new with stains. Very odd. It sold in less than a day. 

     Citizens of Humanity Concord Jeans 

          Cost: $4.49          Sold: $37.99 

          Fred Perry Womens Vest XL 

          Cost: $3.37          Sold: $34.99 

        Tundra Canada Men's Sweater 

          Cost: $4.00          Sold: $19.00 

What have you sold lately? 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sad Week

The killing of 49 gay people on Sunday brought me immense sadness. The club is a little more than an hour from Gainesville and 10 minutes from my brother's house. It hit very close to home. I don't understand so much hatred in our country. I don't understand why some parents found out their child was gay and dead at the same time. I don't understand why self hatred and shame would make someone kill 49 other people. Sadly, I will never understand. 

In eBay news, I had an alright week. Summer is my down period. I work a lot at my other job and don't shop or list much. Right now I only have 147 items listed. This year I am taking a new approach to summer though. I'm paying people to shop for me. I'm paying them based on the quality of items they find. Could be interesting. Hopefully, I'll be able to expand my business and hook up some friends with some funds. 

I've only sold 13 items so far this month; since I'm on a returns streak again. Interesting you can have no returns for months then it all comes at once. eBay is odd sometimes. Here are a few of my recent sales: 

       NWO Wrestling Vintage Tee NWOT

          Cost: $2.49          Sold: $29.99

I have bought and sold several vintage NWO shirts. I openly admit I love wrestling. My dad took my brother and I as little kids and I've loved it ever since. Vintage wrestling T-shirts are a great sale. Pick them up if you find them! 

       Valentino Women's Blouse XS 

          Cost: $2.15          Sold: $30.00 

          E.T. 1982 Beach Towel NEW 

          Cost: $0.00          Sold: $25.99

Another very cool item I found in my elderly friend's closet. The towel had never been used. Wish I could find items like this in thrift shops. 

         Le Coq Sportif Vintage Jacket

          Cost: $6.00          Sold: $39.99

I've never found any other Le Coq Sportif item. Wish I did though! 

       Pearl Izumi Womens Cycling Jersey 

          Cost: $3.37       Sold: $25.00 

If you've been reading for a while, you know I love selling cycling jerseys. Well, Pearl Izumi is the Gucci/Hermes of cycling jerseys. I buy pretty much every cycling jersey I find and this is the only Pearl Izumi jersey I've ever found. 

       Polo Ralph Lauren XXL Polo Shirt 

          Cost: $4.49          Sold: $16.99 

I plead ignorance on this one. I knew the label was different and the shirt felt of higher quality than most. Still, I couldn't find any information on the label. The shirt sold quickly so it must be higher quality than I priced it. Any clue about this label? 

     Nike Men's Vintage Jacket Blue Tag 

          Cost: $2.00          Sold: $31.00

You find Nike items EVERYWHERE. Nike items are not created equally though. The tag gives away the value of Nike items. The blue tag is one of the original Nike tags so this jacket is from the 80's (probably). Research Nike tags so you'll know what to look for. I happened to find this jacket right by the Big E Levi's vest from the 60's I sold last week. This is the only blue tag Nike item I've found, but I have found the silver/red tag. Vintage Nike items can bring BIG bucks and thrift store employees have no clue. Research here will could equal big bucks. 

How is June going for you? 


Thursday, June 9, 2016

A-Z Brands: K

A-Z Brands: K 

Keen Shoes 

Keen is an American footwear company launched in 2003. The Portland, Oregon company was founded by Martin Keen and Roy Fuerst. The first Keen shoes were invented to develop a sandal that could also protect the toes. Keen shoes are ideal for outdoor activities. 

Keen was 2003's "Launch of the Year," by the shoe industry's leading trade publication, Footwear News. In 2011, the 100 employee company had an estimated $240 million in sales. Keen opened a factory and retail store in Portland, Oregon. 

Keen is HUGE on eBay. There are currently 9,326 pre-owned pairs of Keen shoes listed and 29,753 have sold recently. I've never seen a brand where the numbers sold dwarfs the number so highly. That's a great sign for Keen! Here are some recent sales: 

I have found 3 pairs of Keen shoes so far: 2 pairs of women's sandals and 1 pair of wedges. The 2 pairs of sandals sold pretty quickly. The wedges are still listed. 

          Cost: $6.00          Sold: $49.99 

My advice: the demand for Keen shoes is very high. If you find a pair for a good price, scoop them up. Determining the make of Keen shoes can be difficult so do your research. 

Keen Grades: 

Selling Price: A-
Availability: B-
Competition: B-
Consistency: A 
Overall: B+ 

Next A-Z Brand: Henri Lloyd 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week in Review: End of May


I hate hurricanes. After spending over a month with no power in 2004 and getting hit with a powerful category 3 hurricane in 2005....I'm over it. When Wilma hit in 2005, my parents literally had to hold up the walls in my room. Luckily, Gainesville is inland and we won't get hit too hard. 

How was May for you? May was the second time I profited over $1,000, so it was great for me. I only listed a few new items and I finally bought more. Maybe June will be good too? Here are a few of the items I sold this week: 

         Acne Women's Bootcut Jeans

          Cost: $5.00          Sold: $39.99

I had never heard of Acne before but they seemed high quality and made a good profit. Add Acne to your BOLO list. 

       Keen Newport Womens Sandals 

          Cost: $6.00          Sold: $49.99 

     Joe's Jeans Honey Fit Jeans Size 27 

          Cost: $4.00          Sold: $14.99

I always buy Joe's Jeans in the honey fit. They usually sell for $30-$40. No clue why they didn't sell for more. 

       Orvis Men's Photographer's Vest 

          Cost: $6.00          Sold: $40.00 

       Fubu Fat Albert Men's Shirt XXL 

          Cost: $4.49          Sold: $19.99 

       Joe's Jeans Men's Brixton Jeans 

          Cost: $5.00          Sold: $49.99