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Thursday, April 27, 2017

New Site!

Hello everybody!

I have changed to a new site.  We are now at:  Sorry for all the delays but now I can update the page from my phone and post much more frequently.  Please check out the new site!

Sunday, April 2, 2017


I survived the Rocky steps!!!!! No clue legs felt like concrete blocks.  To complete the Rocky steps after 10 knee surgeries was an AMAZING feeling!

The view from our hotel room in Atlantic City was beautiful.  Atlantic City is struggling (Thanks Trump) but we enjoyed it.  Less people was a good thing.  The casinos that are still open are busy and gorgeous.  I would recommend the trip.  Just don't walk the streets at night.  Its not really safe.

Hey everybody! We just returned from Philadelphia/Atlantic City.  The trip was amazing. I had never been to either place and enjoyed it.  The history in Philadelphia was my favorite part.  Seriously I sell on ebay just so I can travel.  Saving for a trip is what gets me up in the morning and working.  I'm considering where to visit next but I'm not sure.  I need to pay some of my medical bills first so I can lower my debt in case I need to buy a new car.  My 15 year old Mustang is still beautiful but is struggling.  So, here are my choices of places to visit, tell where you would go:

Boston, Denver, The Pacific Northwest or San Francisco?

As for ebay, March was my best month ever!  February was the first time I sold 100 items and made my largest profit ever.  Well, in March I sold 110 items and beat my profit in February by $200! Not to mention I took an entire week off for vacation.  I worked very hard in January, February and the beginning of March, so I'm excited to see my hard work paid off.  How was your March?

Here are some of my recent sales:

Strange always sells!  This shirt was strange and a brand I always look for.  No lose situation.

My first Ibex item.  I bought it for a dollar, so I felt good about this vest.  Have you sold Ibex items before?

Whoa!  Sold in minutes.  WTF?

In case you are wondering, Dojo jeans from 7 For All Mankind are a must buy.  7FAM has a lot of different lines.  The sales prices vary by large margins.  Every pair of Dojo jeans I have listed recently have sold quickly and for a high profit.  Look for Dojo jeans!

I had never heard of Probe but when you find a sealed game from it!  The lady at Goodwill told me someone donated A LOT of vintage games.  She sent many of them to Shop Goodwill to be sold but kept a few.  This is one of the games she kept.  Her comments did break my heart though.  Wish she had kept them all in sell in her store! This one cost me $3.00.

Another crazy shirt from Jams World...........

I don't buy very many Wrangler items.  I do buy Western Wrangler shirts; especially those with a cool design.  Any Native American design or Western design sells pretty well.  The ones with pearl snaps and a cool design sell pretty well.

My first Barbour item.  I wish it was a jacket but a shirt will do!  Have you sold any Barbour items?

Daniella, the special needs girl I work with, LOVES Barney.  I bought these for her but she didn't like them.  No clue with her what she will like until we try!  I bought them new for $32.00 on ebay last year and sold them for $49.99.   Everything Barney is selling for good profits right now.  I love you, you love Barney!

This shirt would've sold for much higher if it didn't have a hole in it.  Anything from the 90's or earlier that's Nike will sell well.  I only paid $2.00 for this shirt so I didn't do bad.

Thanks for being patient with me.  I'm going to start writing more again.  I'm going to write an article every time I sell a new brand from my search list.  This week I'll write about Ibex and Barbour.  I'm also going to write about Pretty Princess board game.  Keep an eye out for more posts!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I'm not working today due to the National Women's Day and the Women's Strike, so why not do a second post????  Figured I would share the one brand that is on fire right now.  I cannot keep Lacoste items in stock.  As soon as I list a Lacoste item, its sold.  I've been selling Lacoste items for a while but mostly sold the vintage cardigans.  I've expanded to the polo shirts and haven't regretted it.  I can usually get them pretty cheap and they sell for very good profits and VERY quickly.  Here are the Lacoste items I've sold in just the last two months:

Cost: $1.25
Sold: $19.00

This vintage cardigan would've sold for more but it had a hole in the back.  I usually sell them for around $25-$30.

Cost: $2.50
Sold: $35.00

Men's size 7 (XL) set of polo shirts.  Not a bad profit huh?

My advice: if you have any Lacoste items sitting around that you haven't listed, do it!  They will sell quickly and for a nice profit.  If you don't sell Lacoste items, you might want to start. 

On Fire!!!!

This is my hometown of Naples, Florida.  Its literally on fire right now.  The bottom picture is from 10 miles from the fire.  Its raining ash up to 20 miles away.  I'm praying for all the people and animals in the area.  My god brother lives right near the fire and had to evacuate.  So far, the firefighters have kept it from jumping the freeway and destroying his house, but the freeway is closed and its very close.  Very scary situation.

As far as ebay goes, I've been on fire as well.  February was my best month ever.  I sold 100 items for the first time! My profit was the best I've ever made and I reached 900 positive feedback with zero negative feedback.  Hope I didn't just jinx myself! I have 296 items listed currently, which is 66 more than I've had before now.  March is on pace to break February's records.  I'm just being more aggressive and working harder.  I'm selling many of my possessions and have done a significant amount of thrift shopping.  I've literally run out of room in my home to store items and need to think of a storage solution.  I hate clutter.  Really I've been motivated by Donald Trump.  I have no idea what tomorrow will bring for disabled people, so I'm trying to make as much money as I possibly can to pay off all my medical bills.  I owe a lot in medical bills and am tired of that hanging over my head.  How was your February?  How is March so far?  What is motivating you?

Here are some of my better sales in the last 3 weeks:

I always buy Supra shoes if they are a fair deal.  The skater brand of shoes seem to sell for a good profit and fairly quickly.

These only cost me $4.00.  If it says will sell!

Jerseys are my favorite item to buy and sell.  They never go out of style and the older, the better.  If you don't buy and sell men's clothing; at least glance through the section for jerseys every time you enter a thrift store.  This jersey cost me $4.29.

I thought these were cool.  I wasn't sure of their worth and didn't buy them on my first visit to Goodwill.  Instead; I took a picture and looked them up at home (I do this often when I am unsure about an item). I discovered they were from 1989 and selling for a pretty big amount.  So, the next day I went to Goodwill and bought them for $6.00.

I'm a sucker for vintage toys. Every time.

This Burberry sweater only cost me $2.00 at my favorite thrift store in Fort Myers, FL last week.  $2.00 for a Burberry sweater!  There is a reason its my favorite thrift store in the country.

A kid (now man) I coached for years gave me a bunch of jerseys to sell.  He is moving and didn't want them taking up space.  I offered to split the profit with him but he declined.  I will use the profit to pay on my medical bills.  People give me stuff to sell on ebay all the time.  Keep your eyes and ears open for free stuff to sell!

I find 7 For All Mankind jeans all the time and rarely buy them.  On my trip to Naples, I found three pairs for good prices.  I expected them to be listed for a while but all three sold within days of me listing them.  You never know with ebay!  Maybe I will buy them more often?

What were your best sales of February?  I'd love to learn about some new brands.  I kind of get tired of buying and selling the same brands over and over again.