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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Long Time, No See!

Hey everybody!  Its been a while since Ive done a blog post, but I got a new laptop for Christmas and should be able to post more often.  Check out my Facebook page for BeU Thrifters between posts to see what's up.

Its been a busy couple months since my last post.  As you can see above, we marched in the Women's March in Atlanta.  It was one of the best experiences of my life!  Regardless of what you may have heard, it was the most uplifting march and EVERY single person I met was extremely friendly and positive.  To march with 100,00 other people was powerful.  We saw every race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and political party out marching.  Gator Bait and Buckeye marched with us as well, they were marching for animal rights :)  I would encourage everyone, regardless of your beliefs to get involved in some way; it doesn't have to be with the women's marches.  Just stand up and fight for whatever you believe in!

Its interesting people react to fear in different ways.  For me, fear makes me work harder.  I'm afraid my disability will be cut and my Medicare will be privatized.  Both those changes would be devastating for disabled people, already living on a financial tightrope.  I am hoping for the best, preparing for the worst, and making my voice heard!  I've started selling some of my possessions.  I've been going through the house and deciding what I can live without.  So far I have listed over 50 of my own items.  Next week, I'll go through and list the items I don't exactly want to sell.  Its important I pay off some of my medical bills before things hit the fan and I'm left flat footed.  So far I've sold 44 items in February and I have my highest number of items listed ever!

How has ebay been treating you?  What drives you to sell more?  How do you react to fear?

Here are a few things I dug out of my closets that have sold so far:

Snoop Doggy Dogg 90's Hip Hop Shirt

Sold: $150.00

I wore this shirt all the time in high school.  It had been sitting in my closet ever since.  The prices for 90's Hip Hop shirts are sky rocketing.  This one would've sold for $50.00 a year ago.  If you have any in your closets or see any at stores, sell them.  This shirt sold in 5 minutes! Every 90's Hip Hop shirt I list sells in minutes.

Atlanta Falcons Heavy Jacket

Sold: $33.00

Yes, I'm an Atlanta Falcons fans.  Sadly.  One of my Orthopedic Surgeons is the Falcons team doctor, so it turned my into a big fan.  I sold this a few days before they choked in the Super Bowl.  I love the jacket but it doesn't get cold enough down here to wear it, so I figured why not sell it.

Tommy Hilfiger 90's Basketball Shorts

Sold: $25.00

Why did Tommy Hilfiger make basketball shorts?  Why didn't I remember owning these shorts?  I have so many questions!

Duke University Reversible Practice Jersey

Sold: $19.99

Can you tell I spent the first 30 years of my life playing or coaching basketball?  I don't have too much need for this stuff now. 

Ohio State Nike 90's Men's Basketball Shorts

Sold: $23.00

Here are some of  my recent thrift store finds and sales:

Ugg Australia Women's Boots

Cost: $9.99
Sold: $89.99

Nike Kobe 6 Men's Basketball Shoes

Cost: $7.99
Sold: $39.99

San Francisco 49ers Vintage Chalkline Satin Jacket

Cost: $7.00
Sold: $39.99

7 For All Mankind The 1984 Boyfriend Womens Jeans

Cost: $5.79
Sold: $30.00

Allen Edmonds Men's Shoes

Cost: $7.00
Sold: $27.00

I've always heard that Allen Edmonds shoes sell really well. I must have bought the wrong pair because these didn't do so great.  Any advice?

LL Bean Mens Vintage 60's Shirt

Cost: $4.49
Sold: $27.99

LL Bean shirts from the 1960's have LL Bean written in cursive on the tag and are made in the USA.  These shirts sell really well.  This is the only one I've ever found.

Levi's 1980's Acid Wash Men's Jeans

Cost: $5.99
Sold: $34.99

Alexa Chung by Madewell Womens Cuffed Jeans

Cost: $5.99
Sold: $44.99

The North Face Womens 80's Thick Coat

Cost: $1.84
Sold: $39.99

The North Face Womens Hyvent Jacket

Cost: $4.50
Sold: $39.99

I found it odd that I sold both pink North Face jackets on the same day to different people.  They had been listed a month or two and sold within hours of each other.  Ebay is odd sometimes.

Robert Graham Men's Limited Edition Cardigan NWT

Cost: $0.00 (Loyalty Card)
Sold: $90.00

I have to admit, I was shocked to find this cardigan at Goodwill!  Even in Naples, its crazy to find a $300 cardigan in a thrift store; new with the tags.  Made me wonder who would spend all that money then donate it to Goodwill?  My family came up with all kinds of crazy theories.  All I can say is: only in Naples!

Affliction Men's Graphic T-Shirts NWT

Cost: $9.00
Sold: $49.99

The cashier at Goodwill charged me too much for these shirts, should've been $5.00.  I couldn't complain though.  Sometimes just pay more and count it as my donation to the cause. 

Versace Men's Vintage Red Pants

Cost: $4.50
Sold: $34.99

Ralph Lauren Men's Gray Suit

Cost: 90 cents!
Sold: $45.00

I officially LOVE bag sales!  I've been getting some great deals lately at bag sales. Do you shop at bag sales often?

FF Custom Line Puffer Vest

Cost: $2.00
Sold: $19.99

I spent months trying to figure out what FF Custom Line is and never found any answers.  Finally, I gave in and listed the vest.  It sold the same day.  So, I asked the buyer if he knew anything about FF Custom Line.  He didn't!  He just liked the vest apparently.  Does anybody have a clue about this vest?

Lacoste Men's Vintage Navy Cardigan

Cost: $1.25
Sold: $19.00

Lacoste cardigans are easy money.  I would've sold this one for more but it had a small hole in the neck.  I buy these cardigans ever chance I get.  Really everything Lacoste I list has been selling REALLY quickly lately.

Barbarian Men's Rugby Shirt

Cost: 90 cents
Sold: $29.99

Rugby shirts are hideous!  Yet; they always sell really well.  Buy them every chance you get.

Lacoste Men's Collared Shirts Size 7

Cost: $1.84
Sold: $39.99

Member's Only 80's Bomber Jacket

Cost: 90 cents
Sold: $29.99

Harley Davidson Womens Leather Boots

Cost: $14.99
Sold: $89.99

Sometimes, you have to spend more to make more!

Cavalli Women's Jeans with a Floral Print

Cost: $5.00
Sold: $35.00

Ermenegildo Zegna Men's V Neck Sweater

Cost: $2.14
Sold: $20.00

Adrian Peterson Youth Football Jersey

Cost: $2.29
Sold: $19.99

Jerseys, Jeans, method to success!

One of the best ways to learn new brands and items; plus make some money is to sell for other people.  Here are some items I have sold for other people the last few months (we split the profit):

Prada Men's Corduroy Pants

Sold: $24.99

No! No! Hair Removal System

Sold: $49.99

Panasonic 5 Cordless Phone Set NIB

Sold: $99.99

Caboodles Travel Make Up Case New

Sold: $37.00

Grundig Vintage Sailing Radio

Sold: $39.99

Who knew?  Not me.  Now I do!

Nat Nast Men's Bowling Shirt

Cost: $2.50
Sold: $27.99

I actually pay some people to shop for me.  I give them money and a list of brands I would like them to search for, then we split the profit.  A good friend of mine is great at finding me quality items like this Nat Nast shirt.

Grey's Anatomy Women's Scrubs

Cost: $4.00
Sold: $25.00

I miss hearing from you!  Please comment and tell me how you are doing.  I will try to update the blog more regularly.