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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Facebook Page

Hey everybody! I started a new Facebook page since its hard to post on blogger. Please go on Facebook and like my page. Ill update it frequently.

How have your sales been? Mine have picked up over the last week. I might put my store on vacation for the first time, the second half of December. That may slow my sales down. We will see. Ill be in Naples for two weeks and really need a break! I'm tired.

Here are a few of my sales:

Lilly Pulitzer Men's 1980's Blazer 

Cost: $4.00
Sold: $220.00 


Cincinnati Reds 1970's Shirt 

Cost: $1.00
Sold: $33.99 

Nike 1980's Tube Socks New 

Cost: $0.00
Sold: $49.99

These socks sold in 3 minutes. Maybe I didn't price them high enough?

Marithe Francois Girbaud Men's Jeans 

Cost: $3.00 
Sold: $34.99 

T-Tech by Tumi Men's Jacket NWT 

Cost: $6.00 
Sold: $89.99 

I've never found a Tumi item. From this sale, I'd say look for Tumi. Buy what you find. 

Remember to like the BeU Thrifters Facebook page. Hope your holidays are cooler than mine. It's 80 degrees here. I can't take it much longer. 10 months a year of heat is destroying my disabled body. I'm ready to move! Where should I go?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


More wedding fun! Ybor City in Tampa is beautiful if you're ever in the area. 

Here are a few more items I sold in November. I'm out of items to list again, so Ill need to go shopping again. This is a common problem that I need to solve in 2017. Ill have to be more aggressive in my thrift travels next year. 

Ermenegildo Zegna Men's Dress Shirts 

Sold: $28.00

Joe's Jeans Cropped Jeans 

Sold: $29.99 

Ripped jeans by any high end brand are a must buy! 

The North Face Men's Sandals 

Sold: $27.99 

Marithe Francois Girbaud Vintage Men's Jeans 

Sold: $25.00 

Nike Hurache Basketball Shoes 

Sold: $25.00 

Boston Red Sox Vintage Swingster Jacket 

Sold: $20.00 

Donald Pliner Womens Shoes 

Sold: $35.00 

Marmot Womens Jacket 

Sold: $24.99 

Jhane Barnes Men's Sweater 

Sold: $24.99 

Brett Favre Vintage Packers Jersey 

Sold: $19.99 

Hopefully, December will be better than November. Ill be on vacation for half the month so that could be a problem. What are your holiday plans? 


Hello everybody! Sorry for the long absence. Not being able to use the Blogger App really makes posting difficult. How are you all doing? My brother got married over the weekend and it was AMAZING! 

Honestly, I've been in a fog since November 8th. I've literally been depressed, which is not normal for me. I don't want to get into the politics and push away people who need to read the blog for selling on eBay. I DO NOT NECESSARILY AGREE WITH THE ABOVE PICTURE BUT FOUND IT THOUGHT PROVOKING. 
I will say this though: I write this blog about more than just selling on eBay. I like to focus on being disabled as well. Keeping just that in mind, Donald winning the election will have extremely negative effects on disabled people. Our Medicare will probably be privatized or stolen all together and our Social Security will follow. Medicaid, which helps poor and disabled people would be cut first; which would have enormous consequences on the disabled. To say MILLIONS of people would be forced to live on the streets if the cuts happen isn't a stretch. 
I'm not sure how to react yet. I'm applying for a passport and planning visits to countries I would consider moving to if needed. I may be forced to move somewhere with a lower cost of living. Elections have consequences. You may not agree with my political views but I hope you'll be understanding of people struggling with the results of the election. Please understand the election could damage the lives of millions of disabled people and have some compassion. Otherwise; Ill stay silent on my views in this forum. 

My ebay sales have been alright. The fog slowed me down. I sold 55 items in November. Not great but not terrible. How have your sales been? Here are some of my recent sales: 

Estee Lauder Dusting Powder 

Sold: $30.00

Magee Tweed Donegal Jacket 

Sold: $59.99 

Diesel Womens Abstract Jacket 

Sold: $26.00

Roper Girls Western Shirt NWT 

Sold: $29.99

Brooks Brothers Men's Sweater NWT 

Sold: $27.99

Allen Iverson Kids Basketball Shoes 

Sold: $32.00

Ripley's Classic Men's Vintage Trench Coat 

Sold: $29.99

Born Womens Shoes NIB 

Sold: $49.99 

Baracuta Men's Vintage Bomber Jacket 

Sold: $57.99 

This jacket had a stain on it and still sold for $57.99! Buy any vintage Baracuta bomber jacket you find. 

Marithe Francois Girbaud Men's Vintage Jeans 

Sold: $39.99 

MFG jeans are as automatic an ebay sell as you'll find in thrift stores. They ALWAYS sell for great profits. 

Giordana Cycling Jersey 

Sold: $23.50 

Polo Sport Vintage P Wing Shirt 

Sold: $19.99 

Harley Davidson Men's Shirt 

Sold: $32.99 

Marithe Franois Girbaud Vintage Men's Jeans 

Sold: $37.99 

What did I tell ya??? 

Drumohr Womens Lambswool Sweater 

Sold: $26.00 

Keep an eye out for clothing made in Scotland or Ireland. I've had a lot of luck with it lately. 

Phillips Sonicare Dual Floss NIB 

Sold: $100.00

True Religion Womens Jeans Joey 

Sold: $19.99 

What have you been selling lately? I miss hearing from everybody! 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Prez!

We had the opportunity to see the President on Thursday and it was an amazing experience. No matter your political affiliation, seeing a President in person is a memorable moment. 

Sorry I haven't written lately. I love to write posts, but without the app it's extremely difficult. I'm going to check out creating my own site soon. In the 20 or so days since I last posted, I've sold 54 items. Not too bad. I got Buckeye's heart worm treatment paid for and now I'm working on saving for Christmas gifts. Here are some items I sold the last couple weeks: 

Psycho Bunny is a new brand I crossed off my list. This shirt sold very quickly and for a nice profit. 

Jackets and jeans are starting to sell pretty well. How are your sales going? I miss hearing from all of you! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

I'm Trying

I've been trying to post an update for weeks. First, we had Hurricane Matthew then Blogger decided to make my life miserable. I may have to find a new platform to use for my blog. Blogger is just impossible to use without the app.

I'm going to keep this short just in case I have problems. Here are items I've sold recently:

Hawaii Casuals by Stan Hicks 1950's Hawaiian Outfit 

                  Cost: $2.00.                    Sold: $240.00

This outfit was my best flip yet! I'd never heard of the brand before buying it but it looked old. I sold it to someone in Los Angeles so maybe it will be in a movie?
My advice: if you find an item you believe is old (like 70's and older) but have never heard of the brand, take a chance. People love vintage items and you may hit the jackpot on a valuable brand like I did.

Mo Betta Country Western Shirt 

Sold: $37.99

I have found and sold two Mo Betta shirts this month. $37.99 and $39.99 were the selling prices. They sell quickly as well. I'd look out for Mo Betta shirts! 

Diesel Safado Men's Jeans 

Sold: $41.99 

Michael Simon Womens Sweater 

Sold: $19.99

I have no clue why Michael Simon items are valuable. They are pretty ugly to me. I actually agreed to sell this sweater for a lower price, since the buyer agreed to buy other items. You can expect to make more off Michael Simon items. 

LL Bean Men's Heavy Jacket 

Sold: $40.00 

Sorry if the format is messed up or looks funky. I'm typing or should I say pecking this on my tablet.