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Monday, February 29, 2016


We made it home from Las Vegas late Saturday night. The picture is downtown Orlando from the plane. I'm pretty tired. 48,475 steps in 3 days for someone who has undergone 10 knee surgeries is kind of insane. Yet; I have new goals to start on. February was my lazy month...not March! 

This brings me to an important question: 

Which do you enjoy more; finding a treasure or selling a treasure? 

The answer to that question describes your selling style. Initially, I enjoyed finding a treasure more and had a ton of inventory waiting to be listed. Now, I like selling a treasure A LOT more than finding one and I don't have any inventory waiting to be listed. Why? 

1. I've found so many amazing items that the hunt isn't such a big deal anymore. I only went thrift shopping twice in February. 

2. I know enough about brands to maximize my return on just a few thrifting days a month. 

3. I do this to make money! Nothing makes me money just sitting in the closet. 

What is your selling style? Are you a hunter or a seller? Has it changed through time? 

Right now I only have 159 items listed. I sold 56 in February. Not bad considering I only listed 8 items the whole month. I do need make a few trips to Goodwill soon. 159 items listed is my lowest number in a long time. My next few goals for my ebay selling are: 

1. Save the money for the deposit and first month's rent on a new place to live

2. Sell enough to take a trip to Cedar Point for my birthday in May 

3. Save for a HUGE New England road trip this summer 

What are you working towards? 

Here are a couple things I sold yesterday: 

   Harley Davidson vintage leather jacket 

       Cost: $40.00          Sold: $150.00

This is BY FAR the most I've ever spent on an item to flip. $12 was my previous high! I just knew there was a lot of money to be made on the jacket though. It was absolutely stunning! 

    Marni Cropped/Rolled Women's jeans

       Cost: $6.00          Sold: $90.00

Marni is one of my favorite brands. I walked into my Goodwill a couple weeks ago and only walked out with 2 items. They were 2 pairs of these exact jeans. One is a size 27 and one a 28. They were an amazing find and really strange to find two great items surrounded by junk. Usually if you find something THAT good....there is more. Oh well I'll take it! 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

March Jeans Contest

Who is down for a contest? I tried to create a monopoly board and place each jeans brand in a slot but got frustrated. So, I will just make a list. Here is how it will work. 

1. I'm going to list 26 jeans brands and assign them each a point value. 

2. You thrift shop and search for these brands. They can be for you to sell or keep yourself. You MUST buy the jeans...not just find them. 

3. Email me a picture of the jeans or the receipt. 

4. I'll keep track of who has scored the most points. The better the brand, the more points it's worth. 

5. The contest will last all of March. Whoever has the most points on April 1st, I'll send you a valuable pair of jeans to sell. 

6. I'll announce the point totals each week. Btw: if I win....I'm keeping the jeans! Haha! No I won't but don't let me win. You'll never hear the end of it 😃. 

7. If your down to play either comment below or send me an email with your first purchase. 

8. Only jeans purchased between February 29th and March 31st count. Why not allow an extra day for leap day? 

So here are the brands and their point values: 

True Religion- 50 points 
Miss Me- 45 points 
Gucci- 40 points
Diesel- 40 points
Hudson- 35 points 
J Brand- 35 points 
Mother- 30 points 
Affliction- 30 points 
Naked & Famous- 30 points 
Versace- 30 points 
Marithe Francois Girbaud- 20 points
Marni- 20 points
Silver- 15 points 
Vineyard Vines- 15 points 
Armani- 15 points 
Rag Bone- 14 points 
MEK- 13 points 
NYDJ- 11 points 
7 For All Mankind- 10 points 
BKE- 9 points 
Big Star- 8 points 
Citizens of Humanity- 7 points
Lucky Brand- 5 points 
Adriano Goldschmied- 5 points
Joe's Jeans- 3 points 
Paige- 2 points 

So who is down? Sounds like a fun competition. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Hello from Las Vegas!

Hello everybody from Las Vegas! How is your week going? 

We head back to Florida tomorrow and loved our time in Las Vegas. We bought whatever we wanted and ate whatever we wanted. Here is some serious evidence: 

My stomach still hurts from the donut! Swear it was as big as my head. For the record: it's only half gone!! Haha! 

It felt really good to just let loose for once. Monday I can get back to work again. Cool thing? I'm half to my next selling goal already. 

Apparently, I'm now a top rated seller. No clue what that means. Any help on that? I guess it's an honor. 

Here are a few things I've sold since being in Las Vegas: 

     Mother Slacker Fray Jeans Size 27 

        Cost: $6.00          Sold: $73.00

Mother will be on my next A-Z brand list. I've only found two pairs. They are rare and definitely an incredible find. 

  Baracuta 80's Men's Harrington Jacket 

        Cost: $4.00          Sold: $65.00 

     Eileen Fisher Linen Women's Pants 

        Cost: $0.00          Sold: $14.99

These pants would've sold for more if not for a small stain. They were free with my SWFL Goodwill loyalty card. 

       1950's Men's Letterman Sweater 

         Cost: $4.29          Sold: $45.99 

The letterman sweater is VERY cool. You just don't find items in thrift stores from the 1950's anymore. This sweater is like a link to a simpler past. 

      Ermenegildo Zegna Men's Jacket 

        Cost: $4.50          Sold: $35.00

I find it amazing I can make money while enjoying Las Vegas. I love the freedom of selling on eBay! 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Work Smarter Not Harder

          "Work harder, not smarter" 

I LOVE that saying. The ideal situation is to make the most money and have the greatest impact on people's lives with the least amount of time and effort. You can work 60 hours a week, but if you aren't working smart; the time is wasted. I found a website last night that everybody might want to check out: It is full of information on ways to make extra money from home and with very little effort. 

That being said, I work pretty hard. Or at least somewhat hard. In February though, I've been lazy. I've only gone thrift shopping twice and listed probably 20 items. I needed time to be lazy. Since July, I've worked every day except holidays. Of course with ebay, you get what you put into it. I've only sold 37 items this month. Still, I think it's important to take a break when needed. After my trip to Las Vegas, I'll be ready to get after it again. So if you're anything like me I'm telling you: ITS OK TO BREATHE AND TAKE A BREAK SOMETIMES. Ebay allows you to take a break and sell the items you've already listed. It allows you to work smarter, not harder. 

Here are a few things I've sold the last couple days: 

     Ralph Lauren Vintage Rugby Shirt 

       Cost: $4.29          Sold: $25.00 

     Silver Aiko Women's Jeans size 30 

       Cost: $5.00          Sold: $17.00 

I thought these jeans would sell for more. I'm not sure why they didn't? 

     Lucky Brand Men's Floral Shirt XXL 

       Cost: $2.15          Sold: $19.99 

   Faribault Woolen Mills Vintage Blanket 

       Cost: $0.00          Sold: $27.99 

   J Brand Women's skinny jeans size 30 

       Cost: $6.00          Sold: $39.99 

       NYDJ Leopard Print Jeans Size 6 

       Cost: $5.00          Sold: $15.99 

Another pair of jeans I thought would sell a little higher, but oh well. 

   Dragonfly Gargoyles Men's Shirt XXL 

       Cost: $2.15          Sold: $24.99 

Dragonfly isn't a brand you will find often but if you it! 

     New York Rangers Men's Nike Shirt 

       Cost: $1.07          Sold: $16.80 

I'll see you all after VEGAS! 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Non-Clothing Struggles

Love this picture & just had to include it! One of my favorite actors and two of my favorite characters ever. 

I enjoy posting about my struggles. Generally, I get the largest response on posts about struggles and get great advice. 

Let me set up the scenario: 

- I set the goal of 25% of my thrifted items this year being non-clothing items. 


- I understand if my sourcing changed, I'd have better odds of finding non-clothing items. At the moment, I'm not big on yard sales or flea markets. The flea markets aren't good here and I like to sleep on Saturdays. 

- Researching clothing and having knowledge of clothing brands is fairly easy. It's pretty limited to: jeans, shirts, shoes, jackets and categories such as that. Researching non-clothing is A LOT more extensive. Records, plush, knick knocks, toys, VHS tapes, DVDs....I could keep going. 

So, what non-clothing items do you buy and sell? Where did you acquire the expertise? 

I acquired the knowledge I have by selling consignment items. I sell tons of non-clothing items for consignment purposes but not that I find on my own at thrift stores. Here are a few things I've bought and sold (or are selling now): 

I ALWAYS search for DISNEY DVDs at thrift stores but they are difficult to find. 

Old Christmas ornaments seem to sell well. I sold one from 1980 and one from 1981. I was attracted to them because I was born in 1980 and my brother in 1981. I'm guessing people lose or break the ones they had and need a replacement. 

Honestly, I try not to buy purses. I don't know enough about purses to distinguish the real from the fake. Occassionally, I will take the chance. I thought these two were worth the risk. Ebay actually shut down one of my listings for a Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag, that I'm pretty sure was legit. They waited 3 months to shut it down. I usually don't buy Louis Vuitton purses or bags at thrift stores, but I found an authentic Louis Vuitton jacket at the same store in Naples; so I thought it was worth the chance. Oh well, I'll sell it in a yard sale. 

I never realized plush could sell for high profits until reading other blogs. Plush could be my savior to reaching my 25% goal. What plush do you sell? 

I LOVE board games! We played for hours as kids and our family still plays when together. I always check for quality board games to sell....which I found them more often. 

I've also sold: 

- Mugs
- Vintage toys 
- Puzzles
- Horror VHS movies 
- Candy jars 

What am I missing? Any advice? 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Las Vegas

My latest ebay goal was to pay for a trip to Las Vegas. We leave in a week and I've got it all paid for. So, ebay profits have paid for trips to Washington DC, New Orleans and now Las Vegas. 

I've had people question recently why I as a disabled individual should be allowed to travel to Las Vegas. My response? It is none of anyone's business where I travel. I've survived three transplants, ten knee surgeries, four hand surgeries, a Fibromyalgia diagnosis, Trigeminal Neuralgia diagnosis and so many other health issues. Yet; I still work 20 hours per week with Daniella and about 15 hours per week with ebay. If I'm fighting through my illnesses; its nobody's business how I spend my money. 

January was AMAZING! February has been slower. I've sold 26 items so far. Here are a few I sold recently: 

          Tommy Hilfiger Board Shorts 

                        Cost: $1.07 
                       Sold: $15.99 

Yes I sold another pair of board shorts to someone up north. Moral of the story: don't worry about seasons, list everything! 

      Boston sports vintage sweatshirt 

                         Cost: $1.00 
                        Sold: $20.00 

            NYDJ Green jeans size 14 

                        Cost: $4.99 
                       Sold: $24.99 

     Vintage Pillowcases from early 90's

                         Cost: $0.00
                        Sold: $16.80 

I sold 3 sets of these pillowcases on consignment. Vintage pillowcases seem to be a great buy. 

       Vigoss Juniors Knit Jeans NWT 

                         Cost: $2.50 
                        Sold: $14.99 

      Hickey Freeman 100% Cashmere 
                Men's Trench Coat 

                         Cost: $6.00 
                        Sold: $45.00 

How has February been treating you? 

Monday, February 8, 2016


I don't really have much to report. February has been decent so far. I've sold 13 items so far. Thrift shopping in Gainesville limits my options for finding valuable pieces to sell. I'm going to Orlando this weekend...hopefully I can visit a thrift store or two. 

How is February treating you? 

Here are a few things I've sold the last few days: 

    Lucky Brand Legend Women's Jeans 

                         Cost: $2.50 
                        Sold: $15.99 

      Michigan State Women's Sweater 

                         Cost: $4.00 
                        Sold: $19.00 

          7FAM Men's A Pocket Jeans 

                        Cost: $6.00 
                       Sold: $29.99 

     Polo Sport Vintage Men's Jacket 

Buy Polo Sport whenever you can. It's a 90's line of Ralph Lauren that no longer is produced. People flock to Polo Sport pieces. 

                        Cost: $2.00 
                       Sold: $45.70 

       Tommy Bahama Mermaid Shirt

                        Cost: $4.00
                       Sold: $25.00 

      Lacoste Vintage Men's Cardigan 

I sold a yellow vintage Lacoste cardigan last year for only $14.99. I'm not sure why color made such a big difference but people were interested in the green. 

                         Cost: $4.00 
                        Sold: $29.99 

     Ralph Lauren Women's Plaid Blazer 

People seem to love Ralph Lauren items with the gold crested buttons and patches. I found this blazer in the bins at the Goodwill Outlet. 

                        Cost: $1.96 
                       Sold: $35.00 

     Lucky Brand 22W Women's Jeans

                        Cost: $6.00 
                       Sold: $27.99 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Top 10 Shirt Brands/Types to Buy

Hello there! Hope everyone is well. If it rains much more in North Florida, we're going to need an ark! This morning was the first morning of 2016 I woken up without an ebay sale to ship. That's a pretty good little stretch 😃. 

Anyway, here are the Top 10 shirt brands or types I look for. Keep in mind, I rarely shop in the women's shirt section. I don't have the time or the patience for it. Some of the items on the list apply to men's and women's clothing though. For those who don't shop in the men's shirt section, you're missing out. It's generally quick, easy and very profitable. If you just look for these 10 brands/types you'll be successful. So.....

10. Western Shirts with Pearl Snaps:

I'm the furthest thing from Western possible but love selling western shirts. The Western shirts with Pearl snaps sell the best. Just about any brand will sell but I've sold Salt Valley, Ariat and just bought the Lucky Brand shirt directly above yesterday. 

9. Ralph Lauren 

I would advise against buying every Ralph Lauren item you find; they are EVERYWHERE. Yet; there are some lines of Ralph Lauren that sell for huge profits. You want to find Purple or Black label shirts. Purple is Ralph Lauren's #1 line and Black is #2. I've found 2 Black Label shirts including the one directly above but never been lucky enough to find a Purple Label shirt. I also buy any vintage Ralph Lauren shirts like the striped T-shirt above and rugby style shirt. The last Ralph Lauren line I always look for is RRL. The tag looks like this: 

The one RRL shirt I found sold with flaws and all for $40.00. 

8. Hawaiian shirts: 

I actually have a list of just Hawaiian shirt brands I'm trying to find. I'm still searching for most but love to buy Tommy Bahama, Tori Richard, Paradise Found, Reyn Spooner and Kahala. You can also find these shirts in the women's section. I usually sell Hawaiian shirts in lots but make exception for really nice or valuable shirts. For instance; the DISNEY Hawaiian shirt above I sold for $49.99. 
The most valuable Hawaiian shirts are 100% silk and actually made in Hawaii. Also, the brighter the shirt the more $$$$ it's worth. 

7. Dragonfly: 

Dragonfly shirts are very unique and will immediately grab your attention. I've read places to only buy certain Dragonfly shirts but I buy them when I see them no matter what. I've only found these two, so it's not a brand you will find often. I generally sell them for around $25. 

6. Harley Davidson T-Shirts: 

If it says Harley's in my cart! Harley Davidson T-Shirts are no exception. Men's or women's; large or small, I buy them all. I sell them in lots unless they are vintage, which I sell individually. 

5. Nat Nast: 

Buy any Nat Nast shirt you find. I even bought one with stains yesterday! They usually look like bowling shirts and the ones with embroidery on the back are the most valuable. 

4. Nike Drifit Collared Shirts: 

Nike produces Drifit collared shirts for universities and they can sell for good money. I've bought and sold Florida State University, Duke University, The University of Florida and bought George Mason yesterday. They generally sell between $25-$40. I haven't bought any, but I'm sure they produce women's versions also. Alumni and fans of the universities buy these quickly to wear at work or at games. 

* In general I buy any nice collared shirt or sweater from universities. You can count on the user name of the buyer including that teams mascot somewhere. You lost a women's Ohio State sweater and Buckygal523 is buying it! Major universities have HUGE fan bases that love to spend money on gear for their team. * 

3. Tommy Bahama Embroidered shirts: 

Tommy Bahama produces two types of Hawaiian shirts: plain Hawaiian shirts and those with a design embroidered on the back. The plain shirts sell between $5-$20 usually. I'm only buying those if they are really cheap. The ones with an embroidered back design I've sold for between $40-$70. That's a huge difference! Great thing is: thrift store employees don't know the difference. If you find a Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt with an embroidered it. Now! 

* Everything I just said applies to Tori Richard Hawaiian shirts also. * 

2. Polo Sport Bear Shirts: 

Polo Sport is a line of Ralph Lauren from the 1990's that is no longer produced. Buy anything you find from Polo Sport. If you are lucky enough to find a Polo Sport item with the bear on all the way to the register. You can even do an "I own this walk" pimp or model walk, whichever suits you best. Polo Sport released a very limited number of items with the bear on it each year, so they are not easy to find. I found the T-Shirt above at a Goodwill between Naples and Fort Myers; the week after Christmas. I knew it was worth $$. I listed it at $49.99 and it sold in less than an hour. Maybe I should've priced it higher but I'm happy. The rugby shirt I've had listed for $57 for a couple months. There is no other one like it listed on eBay, so I might have to adjust the price. Either way, I will make a big profit. 

1. Harley Davidson button down shirts: 

I buy EVERY button down Harley Davidson shirt I find. They are HUGE money makers. I've sold them for $35-$80. The shirt directly above I sold for $80. It was an absolutely gorgeous shirt! You can find these shirts in the men's and women's sections. Harley Davidson seems to have the most loyal following of any brand I sell. You'll have NO problem selling any Harley Davidson shirt. I've sold almost 20 button down Harley Davidson shirt and made hundreds if not thousands of dollars. You can do the same! 

So what are your favorite shirt brands to sell? Did I leave any out?