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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer ends with a BANG

Bang can definitely be interpreted in a couple different ways: either we sold a lot of stuff and it ended well or I was banging my head against the wall dealing with buyers. Both are true! We did sell several items to end the summer and all the jackets we loaded up on are now selling. Still, I feel like throwing something dealing with buyers. It's interesting how we can go months without any issue from a buyer then suddenly four problems in two weeks. I admit, we were not innocent in one of the issues. There was a TINY hole in a sweater we sold and we never noticed it. I'm not totally sure if it was there (can possibly see it in the pictures?), but I could see missing that tiny hole. So, we take the blame for that one. We don't deserve to be keyboard told off because someone didn't read an item description or we placed tape on a box to keep it from being damaged though. We are VERY honest about the condition of the items we sell; to avoid these issues but sometimes they are inescapable. 

Vent over! We only shopped at thrift stores three times all summer and now will be shopping again 😃. We are VERY excited to shop again and feel good about our summer sales, considering we only three times. 

On our trip to New Orleans quest, we have now saved $905. We have 3 more weeks to save about $500. Here are some of the sales that helped us on our quest: 

   Clay Matthews stitched Packers jersey

               Purchase Price: $2.99
                    Sold: $34.99

     Harley-Davidson vintage 1990 shirt
Harley Davidson is our favorite brand to buy and sell. It ALWAYS sells. 100% of our Harley-Davidson items have sold. If you aren't selling Harley-Davidson, you are missing out. 

               Purchase Price: 5 cents 
                    Sold: $24.99 

     Manchester United 2x soccer jacket

               Purchase Price: $2.49
                    Sold: $21.99 

   Tommy Hilfiger vintage carpenter jeans 

               Purchase Price: $3.86 
                    Sold: $24.99 

               Gucci dust cover bag 

               Purchase Price: $1.14 
                    Sold: $13.99 

     Disney's Stitch denim youth jacket

               Purchase Price: $1.00
                    Sold: $11.00 

How were your summer sales? 

Monday, August 24, 2015


I survived the one year anniversary of Disney's death on Friday. Anniversaries are so hard! We worked on a scrapbook and set up a basket of tennis balls at the dog park in her memory. 

Memorializing Disney really helped me! How have you honored a lost loved one? 

We actually sold a bunch of stuff this weekend, but I will share that on my next post. For now here is a poem I wrote for Disney ❤️❤️

Tragedy Cries 

I can't think 
The air is blinking 
Tragedy cries 
Reason from shocked eyes 
I feel numb 
Starving for one more night 
Just a little more time 
A final good bye 
A confirmation you're alright 
I search for signs 
You're still by my side 
Convince my mind 
You're just hiding 
Until I realize 
I'm living in denial 
And find myself paralyzed 
Without you in my life 
I can't think 
The air is blinking
Tragedy cries 
Reason from shocked eyes

Thanks for reading.....until next time! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rough Anniversaries

Today marks one year since my best friend Disney died. The thing nobody mentions about becoming disabled is the psychological pain. Life changes drastically and very often we lack all control of the situation. Disney was my salvation. My strength. She comforted me after all 18 surgeries, illnesses and in my worst moments of pain.  When the cartilage in my knees was crumbling from under me, Disney got Cancer in her cartilage; and my knees stabilized. She saved my life. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. August 21, 2014 was the worst day of my life. 

After Disney died, I became focused on our ebay business. It seemed like the most productive distraction. A year later, our business has really grown. I'm still grieving and today will be VERY difficult, but my story goes to show selling on eBay is about more than money. It's about stability and normalcy. 

Here are some of our recent sales: 

         Diesel Zathan Men's Jeans 

               Purchase Price: $4.99
                    Sold: $23.00 

       Dries Van Noten 100% silk tunic

               Purchase Price: $3.37 
                    Sold: $70.00  

* If you ever find anything Dries Van Noten buy it IMMEDIATELY *

            Silver women's Toni jeans 

               Purchase Price: $2.99 
                    Sold: $19.99 

     Versace V2 Classic Tuxedo Jacket 

               Purchase Price: $1.14
                    Sold: $39.99 

Thanks for listening and reading! Find any new brands to sell lately? 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Are you ready for some football?

We are! Fall is my favorite time of the year; Ohio State football, cooler air, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Perfect! We had been collecting football items to list and here are some we've listed recently. Some sold REALLY quickly, others will sell. So, now is the time to list your football stuff. 

     University of Miami women's jersey 

               Purchase Price: $2.99 
                     Sold: $23.00 

       Auburn Tigers youth Nike jersey

               Purchase Price: $2.49 
                    Sold: $14.99 

       Florida Gators youth Nike jersey 

               Purchase Price: $1.14 
                Asking Price: $16.99

       Vintage New York Jets sweatshirt 

               Purchase Price: $2.99
                Asking Price: $14.99

            Larry Fitzgerald XXL jersey 

               Purchase Price: $2.99
                Asking Price: $17.99

   Clay Matthews stitched Packers jersey

               Purchase Price: $2.99
                Asking Price: $34.99

Not all our football items are big money makers, but most sell really quickly. Be on the lookout for ANYTHING football related this time of year. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Goal to New Orleans

I mentioned last week my goal to raise $1400 by September 11th for a trip to New Orleans. September 14th is Courtney's birthday and she FINALLY (😃) allowed me to plan the day. I decided on a trip to New Orleans and am now on a mission to raise the money. I've been listing all my inventory that's been just sitting around the house; I don't have much left. Today, I called ebay and raised my monthly selling limit, so my mission isn't derailed. Btw: people complain about ebay but every time I've called, the phone call was quick and their staff was polite and very helpful. 

Here is how I have budgeted the trip and the progress I am making (in case you'd like to follow a similar model): 

New Orleans Budget (on the high side): 

Hotels: $600 
Gas: $75
Food: $300 
Misc Spending Money: $425 

Total: $1400

Progress as of August 13th: 

Ebay Income: $550
Companion Job: $300 

Total: $850 


Here are some of the items I sold this week. They aren't big money earners, as they've been sitting around the house for a while; but some money is better than no money! 

     Harley-Davidson button down shirt 

               Purchase Price: $4.49 
                    Sold: $47.00 

       J. Crew 100% cashmere sweater 

               Purchase Price: $4.49 
                    Sold: $24.00 

          Lord Jeff 5x plaid shirt: NWT 

               Purchase Price: $3.37
                    Sold: $19.99

 Tommy Bahama 100% silk men's pants

               Purchase Price: $1.14 
                    Sold: $27.00 

     Cypress Hill 1995 Blacklight poster
     I received a large poster collection 
     From my brother: all vintage. 

               Purchase Price: $0.00
                    Sold: $14.99 

     North Face pearl snap men's shirt 

               Purchase Price: 50 cents 
                    Sold: $15.99 

     Ted Baker women's denim shirt 

               Purchase Price: $4.49 
                    Sold: $11.99 

        Ariat women's fleece jacket XS 

               Purchase Price: $3.00
                    Sold: $13.99 

We realize most of these items were not big money makers, which is why they had been just sitting in the closet. We all purchase items we think will sell for a nice profit, but actually won't. I am on a mission to New Orleans and these items won't make money sitting in the closet. Even if it's just a few dollars, I'd rather sell the items then allow them to take up valuable space in my house any longer. 

What goal are you currently working on? 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Last and Next Vacation.......

We spent last week in San Antonio for work, but it felt more like a vacation. Over the week we sold 11 items on eBay. Not bad......

Now, I'm focused on the next vacation. Every year I try to do something big for Courtney's birthday in September. Last year I kicked my ebay sales into overdrive and made enough money to put a down payment on a new car for her. It was my best month on eBay ever! This year I'm planning a long weekend trip to New Orleans. Depending on how much I can make on eBay, determines how amazing of a trip I can afford. My goal is to save $1400 by September 14th. Let's see if I can do it! 
Here are some of the recent sales: 

     Tommy Bahama men's XL silk shirt
TB shirts with large designs on the back are very valuable. 

               Purchase Price: $4.49
                    Sold: $57.00

        Tony Romo youth large jersey
It didn't sell for much but sold within hours so I was alright with the price. 

               Purchase Price: $1.90
                    Sold: $14.99 

     7 For All Mankind gray skinny jeans

               Purchase Price: $4.50
                    Sold: $24.99 

     Chippewa Distressed Leather Boots
We spent more than normal on these boots. We don't shop the cases at thrift shops, we stick to cheaper items. Still, we couldn't pass up these amazing boots. You shouldn't pass up Chippewa boots either. 

               Purchase Price: $10.99
                    Sold: $60.00 

       St. John by Marie Gray sweater
Always pick up St. John items when you see them. Know the difference between St. John and St. John Bay. We always but St. John and never buy St. John Bay. 

               Purchase Price: $4.50 
                      Sold: $39.99 

Considering we've gone thrift shopping maybe three times all summer and have been listing a lot of our excess inventory, we feel really good about our sales. Hopefully, the trend continues and I can reach my New Orleans goal! 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week in San Antonio, Texas

We have spent the last week in hot San Antonio, Texas for work. The city is beautiful and the people are amazing. Our job was to take Daniella around San Antonio and had a great time. We've created some amazing memories and had some ebay sales in the process. Check us out! 

Some of the sales from the last week: 

     Notre Dame Under Armour jacket

               Purchase Price: $8.00
                    Sold: $49.99

     Ariat XXL men's button down shirt

               Purchase Price: $2.15
                    Sold: $29.99 

          FSU 3XL men's T-Shirt NWT

               Purchase Price: $2.49
                    Sold: $19.99  

        Lucky Brand women's jacket 

               Purchase Price: $4.00
                   Sold: $18.00 

July ended well. We got to visit a beautiful city (for free!) and sold a few things in the process.