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Monday, November 30, 2015

November was rough.....

November was rough. I sold 64 items, which isn't bad for me; but they were mostly low priced items. I'm still waiting for the high priced items to sell. It's interesting how knowledge helps me find better items; yet those items often take longer to sell. Hopefully, December brings better luck. Guess I have to remember: last November I only sold 31 items. It's progress. Here are some of the items I did sell (including a few new brands): 

I guess selling 1/3 of my inventory in a month shouldn't be a disappointment. I'm happy to see the items find a new home. Just would love some of the big ticket pieces to sell also. How was your November? 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

A-Z Vintage: C

Here we go! I'm excited for the busiest month of selling throughout the year. I have 55 items to list from my trip to Naples then I'm done listing before Christmas. I refuse to drag my whole store around Florida over the holiday break; want to empty my inventory as much as possible. What is your strategy for December? 

A-Z Vintage: C 

Concert Shirts 

Vintage concert shirts are always a winner! Old Rock N Roll bands such as; KISS and The Grateful Dead sell for huge profits. As do metal groups like Slayer and Iron Maiden; plus 90's hip hop shirts. Here are some things to know when buying concert shirts: 

- Originals are worth a HUGE amount, reproductions are not. Beware of reproductions! Hint: if it has writing on the collar of the shirt instead of a tag....its a reproduction. 

- Popular groups or cult favorites sell the best. 

- Condition does not matter! Yes! Collectors like the broken in look, which makes them perfect for thrift store picking. 

You'll want to research how to identify legit vintage concert shirts, but here is a small guide to follow: 

- Real vintage concert shirts are smaller. Shirts in the 60's, 70's and 80's were smaller than today. An XL vintage shirt is smaller than an XL shirt today. 

- The tags often let you identify legit vintage clothing. Over time you'll get to know what a vintage tag looks like. Look them up on google images to train your eye. Hint: vintage concert shirts are generally 50% cotton, 50% polyester. That goes for vintage T-shirts in general. 

- Smell the shirt! Aged fabric smells different than new fabric. You'll know what I mean when you smell it. 

Ebay is the perfect place to sell vintage concert shirts. Currently there are 5856 listings for vintage concert shirts and 3419 have sold recently. Here are some of the sales: 

The truth is you'll probably NEVER find a concert shirt from the 70's at a thrift store. Yet; you can find them in other places such as garage sales, older friends or family and estate sales. Here is my strategy: 
I search for vintage concert shirts everywhere. If I find a fairly recent concert shirt for cheap, I'll still buy it. Anything rare or old I sell solo. Any shirt that is recent or common, I sell in lots. 

To this point I've sold four listing for concert shirts. I sold a Celine Dion 90's concert shirt for $9.00 when I first started selling. I sold an 80's Boston Pops very rare concert/tour jacket for $68.00. I found it at a thrift store in SW Florida for $2.00. The other two listings look like this one: 

Personally, I LOVE searching for concert shirts. T-shirts are one of my weaknesses in life. They are cheap and just about everybody identifies with music. You just have to be careful of reproductions. Otherwise; you can make a great profit. 

Next A-Z Vintage: D 


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Hope you are enjoying time with your family. 

I have been helping an elderly friend clean her closet the last couple days. Nobody had been in her closet for 25 years! Check it out: 

By the way: she would kill me for posting this picture so let's keep it a secret! 

I found a lot of trash. A LOT OF TRASH!! For instance: 

Crackers from 1993! Disgusting! 

Never seen a pair of shoes fall apart like these Reeboks! 

I have it cleaned about 75% out. Last night I saw my first roach (shockingly) and I was done! I don't do roaches. I have found some gems along the way though. I will list the item and we will split the profit. Here are some of the gems I found so far: 

The Pendleton jacket I found is Christmas colors but it's the same exact jacket. 

Ralph Lauren vintage pillowcases from 1994. New in the package. Listed for $68.00. 

Dallas Cowboys New Era hat from the 1970's. New! Listed for $99.99. 

Dallas Cowboys 1970's new hat. I couldn't find a brand on the hat so I just listed it for $29.00. 

I just wrote about this brush in my Avon post and then it appeared. Very excited over this find. 

Levi's vintage youth denim jacket from the 1980's. New with the tags. It's difficult to find this jacket for sale in used condition so I have no clue what to price it at new. Any suggestions? 

We have sold some things this week. It never fails the stuff I don't bring with me on vacation is always what sells. Hopefully some things I brought with me will sell so I don't have to haul it all back to Gainesville. Here are a few things I've sold this week: 

My great friend Stephanie and I are splitting the profits on the wet suit. It cost us about $1.20. 

                         Cost: 30 cents 

                         Cost: 50 cents 

                         Cost: 50 cents 

                         Cost: $5.00

                         Cost: $2.15 

I hope everybody has a fabulous Thanksgiving and Go Buckeyes!