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Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Prez!

We had the opportunity to see the President on Thursday and it was an amazing experience. No matter your political affiliation, seeing a President in person is a memorable moment. 

Sorry I haven't written lately. I love to write posts, but without the app it's extremely difficult. I'm going to check out creating my own site soon. In the 20 or so days since I last posted, I've sold 54 items. Not too bad. I got Buckeye's heart worm treatment paid for and now I'm working on saving for Christmas gifts. Here are some items I sold the last couple weeks: 

Psycho Bunny is a new brand I crossed off my list. This shirt sold very quickly and for a nice profit. 

Jackets and jeans are starting to sell pretty well. How are your sales going? I miss hearing from all of you! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

I'm Trying

I've been trying to post an update for weeks. First, we had Hurricane Matthew then Blogger decided to make my life miserable. I may have to find a new platform to use for my blog. Blogger is just impossible to use without the app.

I'm going to keep this short just in case I have problems. Here are items I've sold recently:

Hawaii Casuals by Stan Hicks 1950's Hawaiian Outfit 

                  Cost: $2.00.                    Sold: $240.00

This outfit was my best flip yet! I'd never heard of the brand before buying it but it looked old. I sold it to someone in Los Angeles so maybe it will be in a movie?
My advice: if you find an item you believe is old (like 70's and older) but have never heard of the brand, take a chance. People love vintage items and you may hit the jackpot on a valuable brand like I did.

Mo Betta Country Western Shirt 

Sold: $37.99

I have found and sold two Mo Betta shirts this month. $37.99 and $39.99 were the selling prices. They sell quickly as well. I'd look out for Mo Betta shirts! 

Diesel Safado Men's Jeans 

Sold: $41.99 

Michael Simon Womens Sweater 

Sold: $19.99

I have no clue why Michael Simon items are valuable. They are pretty ugly to me. I actually agreed to sell this sweater for a lower price, since the buyer agreed to buy other items. You can expect to make more off Michael Simon items. 

LL Bean Men's Heavy Jacket 

Sold: $40.00 

Sorry if the format is messed up or looks funky. I'm typing or should I say pecking this on my tablet. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Hello everybody! Sorry I have not written recently. Hurricane Matthew made a quick appearance on Thursday-Friday and that threw me off. Yet; IOS 10 is the real culprit. I updated my phone last week and the Blogger app won't work anymore. Anybody else have this issue? I'm trying to work on it. Thanks for your patience.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Been A Minute.......

It's been a minute since I've posted anything. As you can tell from the picture, life has been a little crazy. September was a strange month. It felt like I didn't hardly sell anything but I sold 81 items. Considering I always have 220 or less items listed, that's pretty good. My turnover is really high. August to January is the best part of the year on eBay and I'm excited for it. My profit from 2016 topped my profit from 2015 and we still have 3 more months! I'm saving for Buckeye's Heartworm treatment, my brother's birthday and wedding gifts and my Christmas shopping. I've almost got Buckeye's money saved. It's a work in progress. How was September for you? 

Here are some of my sales from the last week or so: 

       Miami Hurricanes Football Jersey 
                    Sold: $24.99 

       Paul Stuart Mens Corduroy Shirt 

                    Sold: $24.99 

       Hudson Skinny Ankle Black Jeans

                    Sold: $22.99 

         Givenchy Men's Wool Blazer 

                    Sold: $20.00

       Polo Sport Vintage Bear Polo Shirt 

                    Sold: $26.00 

If you haven't already check out my Polo Sport post. It's a great brand to buy and sell. 

       Ermenegildo Zegna 4 Tie Lot 

                    Sold: $27.99 

       Wrangler Vintage Western Shirt 

                    Sold: $35.00

         Mustang Men's Leather Chaps 

                    Sold: $35.99 

         Minnetonka Men's Suede Vest 

                    Sold: $31.99 

* I have no clue why but I've been finding tons of quality Western items lately. Now I'm the least Western person you'd ever meet, but I'm going with it. If I'm finding good Western items, then I sell Western items. We don't get to be choosy in this profession. I recommend buying these Western items: 
Shirt with Pearl snaps, Wrangler shirts with Native American designs, chaps, and anything leather. * 

       Wallabies Australian Rugby Shirt 

                    Sold: $64.99 

I had never heard of Wallabies but the shirt appeared to be very high quality. I'll buy any Wallabies items in the future! 

          Kobe Bryant Vintage T-Shirt 

                    Sold: $19.99 

Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan and Peyton Manning retired this year. If you find an older item from each player buy it. Fans are looking for items from those players. 

      Harley Davidson Button Down Shirt 

                    Sold: $34.99 

Can't go wrong with Harley Davidson. Ever! 

         Tommy Hilfiger 90's T-Shirts 

                    Sold: $21.99 

I've sold 5 items already today. October is going to be a great month for all of us! Just pray it drops below 90 degrees for us sometime this month. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016


This week was Courtney's birthday so we went to Orlando for the weekend. A charity event for the survivors of Pulse nightclub featured cast members from The Walking Dead and Arrow. We love both shows and it was supporting a very good cause. Here is Arrow speaking at the panel we were fortunate enough to attend: 

After the charity event, we went to pay tribute to the victims of Pulse and visited the club. I knew it would be emotional; yet I didn't know it would be THAT emotional. It took every ounce of my being to not break down crying. We saw a Muslim family mourning the victims, a Hispanic soldier and all different races, genders, religions and people of different sexual orientations paying tribute to the victims. With all the anger, fear and hatred in the world; it was overwhelming to see all the love. 
I've never visited Ground Zero in NYC, Columbine or Sandy Hook; but I'm sure visiting Pulse had a similar feeling. I could literally feel my heart breaking. Honestly, I don't know what they should do to permanently honor the victims. If the city could build a memorial for the victims and re-open the club, so hatred doesn't stop the LGBT community's pulse; it would be amazing. 

 A soldier placing flowers at Pulse on September 18th. 

We look a mess in these pictures, but we were an emotional wreck. I still can't believe 49 people were killed at Pulse. It's devastating. 

eBay sales really are insignificant compared to visiting Pulse. Since this is a blog about flipping finds on eBay, I'll share my weekly update with you. I sold 27 items last week and 54 for the month. September is shaping up to be a pretty good month. I only have 3 items left to list from all my thrift trips. I'll need to go on another trip soon. Here are some of my sales from the last week: 

         Hudson Men's Jeans Size 38 

          Cost: $8.00          Sold: $29.99 

      Peanuts Snoopy Vintage Fan Pull 

          Cost: $0.00        Sold: $13.99

   Aquascutum Men's Trech Coat 

    Cost: $4.99          Sold: $61.99 

       Robert Graham Men's Polo Shirt 

          Cost: $2.99          Sold: $21.99 

        Max Mara Women's Linen Shirt 

          Cost: $2.15          Sold: $34.99 

My only Max Mara find ever. If you find a Max Mara item, buy it. 

        Flinstones 1993 Graphic T-Shirt 

          Cost: $1.00          Sold: $21.99

I'm a T-Shirt addict. Literally, T-Shirts and candy are my two weaknesses in life. So, I love finding older shirts like this Flinstones shirt. Any T-shirt with great subject matter from before 2000 is generally a quality buy. 

       Lacoste Vintage Men's Cardigan 

          Cost: $1.00          Sold: $27.99 

Lacoste vintage cardigans = easy $$$$ 

        Lacoste Men's V-Neck Sweater 

          Cost: $3.99          Sold: $21.99 

       Rag & Bone Women's Flare Jeans 

          Cost: $5.99          Sold: $38.00 

      Wrangler Men's 2002 Rodeo Finals 
           Country Western Shirt XXL 

          Cost: $4.50          Sold: $21.00 

I am not a country western fan AT ALL. Still, I buy a lot of country western clothing because it always sells well. 

      Patagonia Women's Synchilla Vest 

          Cost: $1.00          Sold: $28.00 

     Joe's Jeans Cropped, Ripped Jeans

          Cost: $3.00          Sold: $28.00 

I actually wanted to keep these jeans but knew they would sell pretty well. Sacrificed for the profit. 😃

What did you sell this week? What type of items have you noticed selling well recently? 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A-Z Brands: P

A-Z Brands: P 

Vintage Polo Sport 

  Polo Sport was a popular Ralph Lauren line in the 1990's. Polo Ralph Lauren was launched in 1981 by Ralph Lauren and Polo Sport was introduced in 1993. Apparently, the line made a comeback in 2015; but we are focused on vintage items. 

Currently, 2600 vintage Polo Sport items are listed on eBay and 2645 sold recently. Here are some of the recent sales: 

As you can see by the prices above, Polo Sport is a MUST buy brand. Not all Polo Sport items sell for such high prices, but they all sell reasonably well. If you find a Polo Sport piece with the bear on it and you find your heart worries, that's natural! That little bear always makes my heart race as well. Clothing with the bear was released in limited quantities and is highly desirable. 

Polo Sport was extremely popular in the 90's hip hop scene and people look for pieces of nostalgia will buy it from you in a flash. My advice on Polo Sport items: BUY, BUY, BUY! 

I've bought and sold 7 Polo Sport items. 3 of those items had the Polo Sport Bear on it. Here are a few of the items I've sold: 

        Cost: $4.29           Sold: $49.99

This shirt sold in 5 minutes. That's code for "you priced this item WAY too low." Wish I had priced it higher. You live, you learn. 

          Cost: $4.49          Sold: $45.99

The bigger the bear, the more desirable the piece. This one took a little while to sell. 

          Cost: $2.00          Sold: $21.00

          Cost: $4.49          Sold: $33.00

          Cost: $3.99          Sold: $11.00 

I'm not convinced this shirt is vintage, so I accepted an eleven dollar offer. It doesn't look very 90's to me. You? 

Polo Sport Grades: 

Selling Prices: A 
Availability: B+ 
Competition: A-
Consistency: A 
Overall: A- to A 

Next A-Z Brand: 

Lilly Pulitzer