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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What to do?

Emergencies happen. Unexpected situations occur. On Friday, we discovered we'd be flying to San Antonio, Texas on Monday. We were required to make the trip for our other job (as Daniella's caretaker). So, what to do with our ebay business? What would you do? We've learned that having someone cover the ebay business is difficult and we didn't have enough time to teach someone. We don't have a store to put on vacation, so we had to get creative. Basically, we contact any buyer and offer them free shipping in return for their patience. Yes, we will lose some money but at least we are still selling items. How would you have handled the situation? 

Every month we set the goal of selling at least 30 items. It's not much, but we are a new business and 30 items can be difficult to sell in a month. We are VERY excited to have sold 31 items this month even though: it's summer (normally slow) and ebay cut off our listing on the 23rd of July (we HATE the selling limits). So, we feel really good about our month. How has your month been? 

Here are some items we sold in the last week: 

               BKE women's jeans 

               Purchase Price: $2.50
                    Sold: $24.99

     Vintage Pendleton plaid shirt NWOT

               Purchase Price: $4.49
                   Sold: $24.99 

     Harry Potter American First Edition 
We found this book in the clubhouse at our neighborhood pool. You never know where you'll find valuable items. We keep our eyes open at ALL times. Thank you Vintage View for your free book giveaway! 

               Purchase Price: $0.00
                    Sold: $49.99

          Harley-Davidson XL shirt lot 
We cleaned out our closet and decided to sell random stuff we had collected. These shirts were in the closet. They weren't a big money maker but they weren't making any money in the closet. 

               Purchase Price: $6.00
                    Sold: $23.00 

     Florida Gators Nike Dri-fit Polo Shirt

               Purchase Price: $4.49
                    Sold: $27.99

     Harley-Davidson women's shirt 

               Purchase Price: $2.49
                    Sold: $11.99 

        Jamie Sadock women's shirt 
This is the only Jamie Sadock shirt we've ever found, but we will be on the look out for more! 
               Purchase Price: $0.00
               (Free with loyalty card) 
                    Sold: $34.99 

        Polo University vintage blazer

               Purchase Price: $3.00
                      Sold: $19.99 

            True Religion black jeans 

               Purchase Price: Free 
                     (Loyalty card) 
                    Sold: $23.99 

     Daniella, Anna and Courtney at the Alamo! 

We are happy with our summer so far. How about you? 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Busy summer finally begins

I was supposed to spend the summer as Daniella's companion. I was going to take her on trips and watch A LOT of Barney! As a disabled person, I've learned to acknowledge my limitations and knew I couldn't work 8 hours a day with Daniella and put much time into my ebay business. My mind is ready for the challenge but my body won't cooperate. In anticipation, I stocked up on some inventory. I've slowly been listing that inventory all summer. They might not be huge money makers, but it clears space and puts some money in my account. 
My busy summer got delayed by Mono but it's off to a crazy start now. Here are some pics and items we've sold: 

Daniella and I on the carousel at Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia. 

               Vigoss women's jeans
               Purchase Price: $4.50
                    Sold: $21.99

        Vintage Banana Republic jacket 

               Purchase Price: $4.50
                    Sold: $24.99 

     Vintage Lacoste cardigan. I thought this would sell for more, I won't be buying any more unless I find them really cheap. 

               Purchase Price: $4.99
                    Sold: $17.00

            Jordan XIII child size 8c 

               Purchase Price: $2.99
                    Sold: $29.99 

       Men's Lucky Brand jeans NWT

               Purchase Price: $4.99
                    Sold: $74.99 

       Christian Audigier men's jeans

               Purchase Price: $5.99
                     Sold: $49.99 

How has your summer gone so far? 

Watch me whip! Watch me Nae Nae for lower Goodwill Prices!

My reaction when I discovered our local Goodwill lowered ALL of its prices! The prices were a little high; I've seen higher and lower. A dollar decrease per pairs of jeans, skirts, ties and pants might not seem like a huge deal to the everyday Goodwill shopper but to flippers: it's HUGE!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

At least we have some sales.......

I've had Mono for 5 weeks now. It's definitely slowed our business down. Sales are still about the same but I've only been thrift shopping twice in the last 5 weeks (1 was almost a waste of time) and haven't listed much either. Maybe our sales haven't declined yet but if I don't start feeling better soon; they could be! Here are some of the items we've sold this month: 

          Hudson black skinny jeans 
               Purchase price: $4.50 
                    Sold: $48.00 

     Chicago Blackhawks Reebok hoodie 
               Purchase Price: $4.50
                    Sold: $32.00 

     Naked & Famous Men's black jeans 
Naked & Famous are great jeans to pick up for resale. Every pair we have found has sold REALLY well. 

               Purchase Price: $2.50
                    Sold: $39.99 

               Hawaiian shirt L Lot: 
Tommy Bahama, Reyn Spooner & Tori Richard. At times I feel like we could run a business just selling Hawaiian shirts. If you can find quality brands, don't pass them up! They sell like crazy on eBay. 

               Purchase Price: $17.00
                    Sold: $49.99 

     Harley-Davidson button down shirt
We found 7 button down Harley-Davidson shirts on one trip to Goodwill in April. My Dad got one for Father's Day, we have one still for sale and we made hundreds of dollars on the others. We were beyond excited with this find! 

               Purchase Price: $4.50 
                    Sold: $44.99